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To the ‘Type A’ Planner

To the ‘Type A’ Planner,

     I see you, reading this article while simultaneously reorganizing your Google calendar.  I am you, so trust me I get that this might not be something you want to hear but it’s something all of us who tend to have more plans for the future than plans for this weekend need to hear.

Planning isn’t always the best thing.

I know, I barely believe this myself, but sometimes we need to stop and remember to go with the flow.  As someone who struggles with that, I think that you can ease yourself into it by scheduling time to do nothing.  Even though you are still scheduling out time, it’s important to not necessarily always have a plan of what is next and just see what happens – this can take you on some of the most unexpected and incredible adventures.

Get used to people not being as ‘Type A’ as you.

This is definitely something that takes time to get used to but is completely unavoidable.  You are going to meet so many people: friends, coworkers, etc and they are all going to be different than you – understand that not everyone is booking wine nights three weeks in advance.  Be flexible when a coworker asks to get drinks after work and don’t get frustrated when your unorganized friend cancels at the last minute because they forgot they had committed to something else. Remember that just because you schedule out your entire life does not mean that everyone else does too!

You may not see your plan come into full effect and that’s okay.

We have Plans B-Z for when Plan A goes south but trust me some times you just can’t prepare for what life is going to throw at you.  This is going to be super overwhelming, especially since most of your plans are intertwined in some form, but take a deep breath and do what you do best: come up with a new plan.

Be open to opportunities even if they’re not in your original plan.

Some of the greatest things in life are the most unexpected and unplanned.  Don’t turn away a job offer in another state because you planned to move home. Don’t miss out on a last minute girls trip because you had plans to catch up on work this weekend.  I’m not saying disregard your responsibilities, but remember to live a little!

Enjoy the company of other ‘Type A’ Planners!

No one will ever truly understand you like another ‘Type A’ Planner.  They will share their google calendar with you so you can find open times in your schedules to meet, understand when you have to rearrange your calendar, and immediately reschedule if they have to cancel on you.  They are your people so lean on them, especially when your plans don’t work.  They will understand the frustration of a well laid out plan not working and help you build another one.

     So to the ‘Type A’ Planner, who 100% did not listen when I said to close your google calendar (because I know I wouldn’t have either), remember that life happens whether we plan on it or not.  Be flexible.  Be understanding.  Be ready for the plan to not work.  But never stop planning.



    Your fellow ‘Type A’ Planner

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