Twelve Steps To Getting In the Holiday Spirit

Okay guys, December is here time to get crackin’ with the lights, jolly and cookies! There are 12 days of Christmas so I’ll give you 12 steps to get in the Holiday spirit, and of course we won’t forget about Hanukkah. Everyone loves to be with their family and friends but most importantly everyone loves to spread cheer and happiness to each other during the holidays.

Step One: You have got to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS or MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone and everyone after ending a conversation and you are on your way. I mean come on let’s get everyone thinking about having a good time and spread some happiness here!!

During the month of December spreading spirit in your neighborhood/street, building, or dorm room for some of us, can be done with some lights on the front of your home or door. Where ever possible it always looks great!

Step Two: Put up lights! Anywhere! I know you can do it, they’re not too expensive and once you have them up your home gets to constantly be lit and spread joy. Sooner or later your neighbors will want to join and put up lights too! With Green, Red, White or Blue lights before you know it you will have spread more holiday spirit everywhere.

Now something else to add inside your home could be crucial to provide a whole joyful holiday vibe inside the place.

Step Three: Gather up them candles!!!! Place one in every room and light them when your there. (P.S. don’t forget to blow them out when leaving! The smell is great but having a place to live is better.)

Step Four can be joined with a candle, place a nice holiday colored or themed table cloth down maybe switch out some hand towels for red ones.

We’re a third of the way there you are almost ready and complete with holiday spirit!

Now it’s time to decorate basically EVERYTHING!

Step Five get a little Santa, reindeer or dancing snowmen for the counter! They are cute, they are little, they are the best!

Step Six it’s time to dress the holiday spirit too! You’ll need a scarf for these winter nights and ladies its always cool to wear a nice pair of snowflake earing that can sparkle in the light. Hint hint to you men out there.

When its time for you to get a dressed and ready to go out its always good to be all bundled up with your scarf. It sure helps when it is a nice fall color but no matter what, scarf equals warmth and comfort outside in the snow.

Step Seven MAKE SOME HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!! Or drink some eggnog either way you have got to drink the special holiday drinks or you are not doing it right let me tell ya!

Step Eight go get yourself some of them good ol’ candy canes or chocolate coins and have a little treat. :)a little sweetness in a day never made anyone’s holiday spirit any less.

Step nine go drink some wine ;) Its tradition! Wine with your friends and family together is enjoyable and spread cheer in everybody’s soul.

During a night with yummy treats you can’t forget about Step Ten in the kitchen, baking some cookies or other treats maybe to keep some for Santa or maybe just because you want to eat some of the cookie batter (at least in my case.)

At this point you should have thought about everything from yummy treats to a nice joyful drink, now its time to sit down with those who are special to you and follow Step Eleven.

Step Eleven: Watch a holiday movie! New or old whichever brings you and your company the most enjoyable time for a night in the holiday feels.

Lastly, it’s time for you to get that Christmas tree or your Hanukkah menorah which is Step Twelve!! Light up those candles, plug in all those Christmas tree lights and enjoy the aroma in air!

You have reached the end and by this point you should feel like you ARE the holiday spirit!! Walk around spreading it out to everyone, enjoy your time and don’t forget to call your family during the holidays this year!