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If you’re like me and can’t save your money if your life depended on it but need to get away, here is my advice that might help you to take a vacation without breaking the bank!

1. Stay at an all-inclusive resort.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, wouldn’t that be a lot more money? It may seem like a ton of money at first because of the initial price tag but trust me in the end you will be happy with your decision. If you don’t have an all-inclusive resort you have to pay for every drink, every bite of food, even a rental beach chair, etc. So, in retrospect, if you've already paid for those things up front you won’t have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars buying drinks and meals three times a day. In the end, you would’ve saved money by using the hotel's amenities instead of spending money elsewhere for every need. The all-inclusive hotels are usually pretty nice too in general, so you’d have a great, safe stay!

2. Don’t check a bag for the plane.

You are most likely going away for what, a week max, as a college student? Do not waste the money on checking a bag when you can fit just as much into a carry-on and backpack (under-seat bag). I promise that if you put your mind to it all of your clothes and shoes will fit. Checking a bag honestly just seems like a scam to me, they give you the option so you’re convinced you need more space because it’s available so you check a bag, but I bet if you squished all those clothes together from the suitcase, it would fit in the carry-on. And if one outfit or pair of shoes doesn’t fit, ask who you’re traveling with to help you out, they probably have some extra room!

3. Bring your own drinks/food to the beach or pool.

If you choose not to stay in an all-inclusive resort then you’re going to want to save some money. Let’s be honest, the food and drinks at hotel pools are extremely overpriced. Instead to save money go to a local convenience store and buy your own drinks to bring so that you won’t be buying overpriced ones all day long racking up a bill. The same goes for food, buy some snacks and cold cuts at the store and make your own lunches. That’s a whole meal every day you won’t have to buy at an overpriced restaurant.

4. Look for hotel or flight deals. 

There is always a deal. Always. The hotel might convince you there are no offered discounts, but they’re probably either lying or just have no idea. There is an extremely high chance that you will be able to get a discount if you just keep asking and researching. The one I have the most luck with is the AAA discount. Hotels love to tell me they don’t provide a AAA discount, then all of a sudden after speaking to multiple other people, I am given a AAA discount. You can always find a deal if you press hard enough.

5. Invite everyone. 

This is simple, the more people the less the hotel room or Airbnb will cost. On top of that, it will be more fun too!

Safe travels!

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