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Top 5 Original Homemade Halloween Costumes

Okay girls, Halloween is just around the corner, have you started thinking about your cute outfits that will catch his eye? I know what you’re thinking: “I’ll be a walk of shame!” Oh, how original! Or, “I’m going to be a slutty school girl!” I’ve never heard that one before!

Enough! These costumes are so over done. If I see one more sexy nerd, bumblebee, cat or lax bro, I will scream. The only thing frightful about Halloween in college is how unoriginal it has become. Here are some original costume ideas that are sure to make the night a treat for you (and him)!

For the athlete in him:
Ride that London 2012 Olympic train! This summer featured plenty of inspirational athletes for you to replicate. What about cute soccer star Alex Morgan? Who can forget her game-winning goal against Canada to put them into the finals against long-time rival Japan?

What you’ll need:
-1 white Hanes V-neck undershirt
– A black Sharpie (write Morgan and number 13)
– A pink headband (Morgan’s signature hair piece)
– A gold medal (of course! Team U.S.A. number 1!)
And of course, if you’re looking for more skin baring inspiration you can always check out the volleyball team uniforms…

For the geek in him:
Ladies, we may not understand why, but all men love Star Wars. And no man will deny drooling over the infamous Princess Leia gold bikini scene. So this Halloween, make his fantasy come true. You’ll be sure to have a crowd of guys trying to rescue you from Jabba the Hut all night long.

What you’ll need:
-A gold bikini (if you can’t find one, spray paint a white one!)
… That’s it. If this is too revealing for you find a cute tunic to cover up with!

For the Wildcat in him:
We’ve all seen those fun mopeds whipping about campus, and we all know who usually rides them: the hockey team. UNH loves our hockey and our hockey boys, so let’s have a little fun with the boys this Halloween. So ladies, razor scooter and mullet up! A parody of this team is sure to make any boy laugh.

What you’ll need:
-Any hockey shirt
-A Razor scooter
-Hair gel/spray (to really perfect that sexy mullet)

For the outdoorsman:
Have you ever noticed how almost every girl attending UNH has a picture of herself at the top of a mountain after a long hike? Why has no one tried to make this cute yet? And you have all the supplies in your closet! If you’re headed to the Out House for some trick or treating you’ll definitely impress some woodsmen when you ring their doorbell.

What you’ll need:
-You’re cutest sports bra
-A flannel (left unbuttoned or tied up)
-You’re cutest gym shorts
-Hiking boots (save your feet from heels for a night!)
-A bandana

For the pop culture aficionado:
You’ve heard it, you’ve feel in love with it, and you’ve tirelessly danced to it. Woop woop! Gangnam Style! You might need you’re guy friend’s help for this one. Let him be PSY and you be his sexy lady. You could seriously entertain the entire party if you actually learn the dance!

What you’ll need:
-A white shirt
-Sparkly booty shorts

What he’ll need:
-A blue tux
-Black sunglasses
-Even get a couple more of your friends to band together and include some more of the crazy characters that appear in the video.

Hopefully this is inspiration to steer clear of the typical Risky Business, Crayola Crayon and Britney Spears blah costumes. Look around you for more inspiration! Look to your old Nickelodeon favorites for serious lovable costumes. Even look to politics, Hilary and Sarah could be fun to spoof! Challenge yourself to be the only girl on campus to have your costume and reap the attention!

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