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Top 10 Reasons why all UNH Students NEED Amazon Prime

Top 10 Reasons why all UNH Students NEED Amazon Prime

  1. Your first 6 months are free with your school email :)
  2. You can order that cute shirt you need to wear out Friday night on Wednesday in class and have it by Friday night


  3. You can get your textbooks quickly because we know everyone hates waiting for their books to come in


  4. You can track your orders and get updates on when your order will be arriving.. then look out the window while you wait for the delivery man to get there 
  5. You can save money on things that are super expensive in other stores, like Converse, Fitbits, phone cases
  6. Items shipped to your Durham address will not be subject to sales tax 
  7. You can get anything eligible for prime in just two days, then send it back if you don’t like it for a refund


  8. Your boyfriend, roommates, parents and siblings can all bug you to borrow your account 
  9. Prime Pantry- you can order food and have it delivered to your door if you’ve reached the ultimate form of lazy or if you just want to save money on snacks you’re going to buy from Wildkitty anyway


  10. If you get asked to a cocktail the week of the event, you can log right on and get a cute (and cheap) pair of heels to go with the dress you borrowed from your roommate


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