Is Tinder Really Worth It?

Is Tinder Really Worth It?


Yes, I am a college freshman girl on tinder.


Most of my friends around me love tinder and are on it quite often throughout the day.

“OOH! I got a new match!”

“This boy is SO hot!”

“He wants my snapchat!!”

So I figured, why not join myself! But what's all the hype about?


Most of my friends that talk to these tinder boys never actually meet them in person. It's more of just having another snapchat buddy and starting a streak with them. I myself do use snapchat often, so I don't see a problem with talking to a few extra people throughout my day.


As a freshman in college, I decided to join tinder just for fun. I thought it would be a good way to meet new potential friends that are boys. I was with a group of friends one Friday night and they helped me make my profile, pick my anthem, and try to come up with a corny bio. It was fun for the night, because I just swiped right on a few guys I found attractive and hoped I would get a match with someone to see what would come out of it.


I remember getting my first match shortly after, and getting a message saying “Hey!” I was slightly disappointed because I was expecting some sort of pick up line or funny gif, but a 'hey' was normal for the first time. We messaged for probably 10 minutes just talking about generic things like “How old are you?” “Where are you from?” and “What are you doing right now?” I remember trying to play it cool, but I started to get very interested in matching with other guys just to see the difference in what they each had to say.


After using tinder the rest of that weekend, these were some of the messages I got from different guys:

“Are you a bank loan? Because you definitely have my interest;)”

“Hey beautiful;)”

“Alexa, play bedrock”

“What’s a smart, young, attractive... man like myself doing without your snapchat?;)”

“Hey you should be with me right nowww”

After getting these messages I played along for the most part and it was actually kind of fun. Throughout the week I didn't really use it and just went on maybe once a night, if that. Whenever I got a notification, I would immediately check to see who I matched with.


Recently I had the opportunity of meeting one of my matches because he was visiting one of his friends on campus. I was very nervous to meet him because I never thought it would happen, until it did. When we first met, we hit it off right away and talked for as long as we could until I had to go. Moral of the story, we are still talking to this day.


I never had intentions of using tinder as a way to hookup with boys or go out on dates with them, but if it happens, it happens, and it's totally okay.


If you want someone new to talk to, Tinder could be for you! Personally, as a freshman in college, I don’t believe it's all that bad!