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Sweatpants are an essential in a college girl’s wardrobe. Whether it’s lounging in your dorm room, going to class on a chilly day, or just simply wanting to be cozy — sweatpants are a girl’s best friend. So, here are my 4 top sweatpants I have ever put on my body (trust me on this, I’ve worn a lot of sweatpants).

1. offline by aerie: throw-back fleece jogger

Now let me tell you. These sweatpants are the absolute, without a doubt, the comfiest sweatpants I have ever owned. They are the perfect combination of baggy and stylish, and they come in so many different colors (I currently have 3, definitely going to get more). You can wear them with a sweater, sweatshirt, turtleneck, tshirt — you name it. Plus, they are washer/drier friendly. That’s right; you can put them in the washer and dryer without breaking a sweat over whether or not they’ll get pilled or loose their coziness. I promise you, these are worth the price for how much use you’ll get out of them (plus they’re on sale right now :D ).

2. wilfred free by aritzia: free lounge sweatpant

Okay, okay, I get it — Aritzia is EXPENSIVE. But before you completely swear them off for good, just know that these sweats will last. Sometimes, investing in a high-quality staple piece is worth it because you’ll have them for years. These pants are uber comfy, and they may actually be one of the softest things I have ever touched. These are the ultimate dress up/dress down sweatpants because they are wide leg. Wide leg, thinner sweatpants can be that one wardrobe piece that you throw a hoodie on with and call it a day, or, you can put on a nice, cable knit sweater and give off some of the best Folklore by Taylor Swift vibes ever. The only grief I have with these pants is that they are definitely not dryer friendly (at least in my opinion). I think that after one or two times in the dryer, they may lose their softness and start to pill.

3. wild fable by target: high-rise vintage joggers

Is there anything Target can’t do?? The answer is no; they have some of the best, affordable sweatpants. Especially these basics, a pair of black or gray sweatpants will never go out of style. They are super fuzzy and warm, which is great if you live in New England (or any other cold area). They can go with a flannel, sweatshirt, etc. They’re always my go to for when I just need a plain, basic sweat. These pants do pill, and I learned that the hard way. I put them through the dryer a couple of times and the inside lost most of the plush fuzziness, and the outside started to collect pills. Not that this is something that can’t be fixed, but it definitely can get a little annoying if you forget to de-pill them before you want to wear them.

4. lou & grey (loft) signaturesoft sweatpants

As a former Ann Taylor LOFT employee, I selfishly have to plug Lou & Grey’s Signaturesoft sweatpants. These pants really are super soft, comparable to the #2 Artizia sweats. Plus, they have so many different hem options: loose ankle, cuffed joggers, cinched ankle, etc. They also come in lots of different colors and patterns, often with matching sweatshirts, so you can mix and match what type of sweatsuit you want to wear. While they are on the pricier side, one thing the LOFT has mastered is having a good sale. Most of the time, these are never full price. And if they are, they likely will go back on sale in a week or two, so you never really end up paying full price for them. A similar thing these sweatpants have in common with the Target ones is that they pill. They don’t necessarily pill from the dryer, but wearing them can cause pilling between the legs (if you have thicker thighs like me). But, still definitely worth it nonetheless.

Sweatpants Against A Wall
Arianna Tucker / Her Campus

So, if you are in the market for a new all-time favorite pair of sweatpants, any of the ones listed above will satisfy that need. Hope this helps you be cozy, be happy, and be stylish :) HCXO

Graduated (May '22) Neuroscience & Behavior student at the University of New Hampshire. Happy reading! HCXO