Super Heartwarming Things People Said They Love About Their Best Friend

I asked fifteen people what they love about their best friend(s) and the responses are SUPER heartwarming! The individuals you choose to have in your life are important; they can have a huge impact on your life. You chose to have them in your life for a reason so I decided to ask 15 people to reflect. It's truly amazing how the smallest details in your friendship can play such a huge role and lift them up when you aren't even aware. Expressing appreciation isn't always the easiest but just know the things you do for your friendships are important and they definitely appreciate you more than you know.

  1. “Waking up and opening your phone to a snapchat/message from your best friend telling you they hope you smile and have a great day easily puts a smile on my face. Life is not always easy and being the age I am right now, so much is going on and life may seem to be rushed at times. Having the friends that I have today reassures me that I am not alone with the struggles/battles I face. There will always be someone there for me when I need a shoulder or someone to cry to, a needed laugh during a bad day, and someone to just listen to me. The underlying factor that stands out the most from all of this is the strong communication and trust that is shared between my best friend and I.”

  2. “I love my best friend because of the contrast in our personalities: I’m hot she’s cold, I’m up she’s down. I have spent eight years getting to know her and for as many times as I can predict her next move, she does something to surprise me. She’s the first person I call when anything happens to me and she always reacts the way she knows I want her to. I love that she can sense when I’m having a bad day just by the movie I picked or the food I’m eating. I love that no matter what she has always been herself unapologetically when she is around me. Despite her shy tendencies, she has never failed to be an exuberant ray of sunshine in my life. She is my rock, my guiding light, and will always and forever be my family.”

  3. “Even though we no longer go to the same school and see each other as often, nothing ever changes. I can still rely on her for anything. We can talk about our deepest thoughts or just about our day. She’s always by my side. I love her positive outlook and how she can brighten my day!”

  4. “She's my rock, she keeps me grounded and I know whenever I need someone to talk to she's there. she knows me better than i know myself. She’s insanely hard working, knows exactly what she’s capable of, and will stop at nothing until she gets it. She inspires and motivates me because she believes in me just as much as she believes in herself and i wish I told her more often how much i appreciate that. we can have fun doing literally anything. most of our memories involve us doing something stupid like trying to make blue mac n cheese without a recipe or buying the convenience store completely out of popcorn!”

  5. “I love that my best friend is always truthful with me, even if it’s something I may not want to hear. I love that no matter what we do, we are able to turn it into an adventure. She can even make boring trips to run errands a good time. She is someone that I can always count on to have my best interests at heart, and someone who I know will always be there for me no matter what.”

  6. “He is super considerate. He can read my mood and will go out of his way to comfort me in anyway possible.”

  7. “My best friend is very generous and caring and is always the person that I know I can count on for anything. She is always supportive and understanding of anything I do and always looks out for my best interest.”

  8. “My best friend always seems to have a special sense for when something is wrong. She will always check on me even when I forget to check on myself. She keeps me grounded but also knows when I need to be lifted up.”

  9. “My best friend is caring and a great listener. She is self-less and is always there for me when I need to talk. My best friend is fun and always down for an adventure. She lives everyday being her best-self and on the weekends lives it up. She is reliable and trustworthy. A person I know will always be there for me!”

  10. “I love my best friend(s) because -They are always there for me no matter what -They make me laugh -They care about me -We always do dumb things/make memories together -I can be myself -They support me weather they agree with my decisions or not - They tag me in funny photos -Inside jokes -They know what to say when I’m feeling down -Letting me vent and don’t judge -If I need them at 3am they will be there -They are my rock -They make me feel good about myself inside and out -Nothing is ever off limits to talk about -Ugly snapchats and life destroying videos -Staying in or going out is equally as fun -I always smile when I see them”

  11. “I love how she is just as equally there for me as I am for her. That we don't have to speak for days on end but when something big happens she's the first person I have for advice. I love how she is literally my third sister despite that I never thought I wanted another one.”

  12. “My best friend gets everything about me and I don’t have to explain any part of myself because she understands and accepts me for who I am. Whenever I have a bad day my best friend always can tell me something to make me laugh or give me the advice I need to make me realize things will be okay.”

  13. “Every time I’m with her my mood is automatically lifted and I feel happy and myself. She is one of the most kind hearted, amazing, and selfless person I’ve ever met. She makes me feel like I should be a better person and I believe I am because of her. She’s so trustworthy and always there for me. Seeing her is always the best parts of my day.”

  14. “My best friends have been by my side during the absolute hardest times in my life and also at the most amazing times. I consider them family more than friends and love how comfortable and raw we can always be with each other.”

  15. “Kind and thoughtful. 1.) She picks me up food at the dining hall when I’m not feeling well or when I don’t have time to go. 2.) She always compliments me on my appearance, personality, and academics.”

Moral of all these explanations: Go give your best friend(s) a hug and tell them how much you appreciate them! Friendships bring out the best in both people and you are truly lucky if you find someone like this in your life.