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After being in Barcelona to study abroad for the past 3 months, I have realized that there are specific items that are nonnegotiable that you need when studying abroad. Here’s my guide to the top 5 things to buy when studying abroad no matter what city you’re in. 

  1. Comfortable walking sneakers

I wear my pair of white sneakers every single day whether that’s going to class or on trips on the weekends. While being abroad, you will be walking basically everywhere or using public transportation so it’s essential that you have a pair of shoes that can withstand this. Having a basic pair of shoes that matches with everything is key. N3tflmQhRtL9PIrjKY

  1. Long coat

Not only is it the most fashionable thing in Europe right now, but it’s also very practical for the cold weather. The long coat is something that you’ll see people wearing everywhere in every city. It’s truly a timeless staple that is a necessity. I’ve worn my long coat all around Barcelona and I have also brought it when I’ve traveled to other cities as well. Make sure you get one with buttons for when it’s windy! 
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  1. Fanny pack 

This is something that I didn’t know how much I was going to use until I got here. I genuinely use the fanny pack from Amazon that I bought every single day. Whether it’s running a quick errand after class or carrying your essentials with you when you’re traveling, the fanny pack is the perfect purse to keep your belongings close to you while keeping everything easily accessible. 
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  1. Portable charger

A portable charger is definitely a necessity for when you’re traveling. You never know when you’ll find an outlet – especially with the different kinds of outlets that they have in Europe versus the United States. I have found that it’s a must to carry a portable charger with you at all times especially when you’re using your phone for directions and to take pictures. 

  1. Foldable tote bag

This is something that I debated on bringing but I’m so glad I did. I use my tote bag so often to carry groceries home or if I need to carry something bigger than what I can fit in my fanny pack! It’s very convenient that it folds up as well because it makes it easy to transport wherever I need it! This is definitely something that I would consider a must have.

Natalie is a Senior Communication Business Application major at the University of New Hampshire. She is the Social Media & Marketing Manager of UNH's Her Campus Chapter.