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Struggles of a UNH Student

Going to UNH has been one of the best decisons that I have made in my life. I love our dining halls, the school spirit, student body and the academics. There are many pros to UNH however, there are some things that we all struggle with…

1. When you tell someone that you go to UNH, and they mistaken “UNH” as University of New Haven. 

It always disappoints me when people respond with, “oh you go to school in New Haven?”  We are obviously the superior, smarter and better looking school compared to New Haven.  

2.  Feeling pressured to know where you are living next year, even though the school year just started. 

It’s so crazy that within the first month of school I had to start looking for a place to live for senior year. The process was so stressful because I had to call different places to get all the information about when they were going to start leasing, what is included in the rent, is it furnished, how long is the lease, how much money is it per month and how good was the location compared to other places. It stinks that I had to look for a place so early for next year, but I am glad that process is over. 


3. The parking tickets. 

UNH loves to give out parking tickets… like Santa Claus on Christmas day. 

4. Going to the gym when it’s packed. 

Going to the gym during busy hours is quite fustrating. Whenever you just want to get a quick workout in, you can’t because someone is using the equipment. Then you have to wait for the person to be done with their workout and at that point I’m just like, whatever I’m going home and eating chocolate while watching Netflix.

5. The food line at Union Court when its meal exchange hours.

It gets hectic at Union Court, especially at the Creative Greens and the Freshens line. People will wait 10-15 minutes just to get their food.  Everyone is just trying to get their food and get out of there, but since it’s so crowded its tough to make it out of Union Court alive. 

6. University of No Holidays 

Whenever my friends ask me, “Oh do you have Columbus day off.” I respond with unfortunately no because I attend the University of No Holidays. Universities will have similar days off for certain holidays, but not at the University of New Hampshire. While everyone is home for the weekend  to celebrate national holidays, classes at UNH will still be in session. 



7. Logging onto Blackboard and seeing that you have over a million notifications. 

One of my biggest fear is logging onto Blackboard and seeing how many notifications I have from classes. I’m very hesistant to open those notifications because I don’t want to find out my grades on the quizes and test that I bombed. 

8. UNH Secure 

We all pay a lot of money to come to UNH, you would expect that our internet here would be amazing. I don’t know how many times UNH Secure has crashed on me while I was doing something important.


9. Wishing that DHOP delivered.

DHOP > any pizza place on campus.  If DHOP delievered, I know where my money would go every week. 



10. The Weekend Connector 

I never liked taking the Weekend Connector because it’s never accurate. On the UNH app it will say that the Weekend Connector will be arriving in 18 minute. Five minutes later when I check the app again, it says that the bus will be arriving in 4 minutes. This is why I have trust issues. 



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