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The Struggle Of Being a Sophomore

Many people say that freshmen year is the hardest in college, and for some, maybe so but, I disagree.

            My freshmen year was exhilarating. Everyone was so friendly and eager to start their new life on a college campus. I met so many new people and really flourished. However, the excitement that came with the new atmosphere died down with time. Towards the end of freshmen year, I realized everyone had their own friend groups. It seemed like everyone found their people and were done making new friends. I was hopeful that the same eagerness that was in everyone’s eyes at the start of freshmen year, would return with the new school year. However, everyone stuck to their groups and so, I was in mine. I loved the friends I made but I realized just like everyone else, I limited myself to a select few. I wanted to branch out.

            It was easier said than done. I found myself not being able to walk up to random people and introduce myself like I did last year. I felt uncomfortable going to new events by myself or knocking on my neighbor’s door asking to hang out. Why was it so much harder this year to be outgoing? I had a voice inside my head telling me “You’re a sophomore you should already have friends.” I felt embarrassed branching out. No one else was. So, why should I?

            In time, I realized that many people felt that same way and felt uncomfortable branching out too. I decided to get over my insecurities and shyness. I joined three new clubs, many intramurals and started hanging out with new people from my classes. I am not going to lie, it took me some time and I am still working on making connections. However, I realized that just because I’m a sophomore, it is does not mean I’m restricted to my friends from freshmen year.

            My advice to sophomores and anyone is, do not limit yourself. There are thousands of people on this campus waiting to meet you. It may seem like everyone is in their own friend groups and are done reaching out to new people, but it is not true. Many students are in the same boat and want to branch out as much as you do. So, do it. Join new clubs, go to philanthropy events, go to open skate, try new things. Never feel like you are stuck in the same friend group from your first year. You have four years here so make the most of it and I promise that you will flourish.


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