The Stages of Getting Back Together with Your Hometown BFFs

Everyone loves being away at school, but there is no better feeling than being surrounded by your hometown bffs.

1. The Group Chat

A group chat with all your besties is made specially to stay in touch through all the long distance.

2. Planning the Day When You Reunite

You find out your school breaks align on the same day so you start planning the ultimate reunion.

3. Counting Down the Days 

Now that you have a date that you'll all be home it's the only thing getting you through the end of the semester so obviously you're counting down each day.

4. Screaming and Hugging

The moment you finally see each other. Lots of screaming. Lots of hugging. Maybe even some tears.

5. Catching Up On Everything You Missed

As if you don't already know everything going on in each other's lives (thank you group chat) there are still those "I had to tell you in person to get your reaction" stories.

6. Going Out Together like Old Times

You're back home and it feels like you haven't left. You and the squad get ready together blasting some of your favorite songs you'd sing together in high school, have a complete photo shoot and then go out like old times. 


7. Having to Say Goodbye Again

The dreading day of having to say goodbye all over again. It's full of "I can't believe this week flew by so quick" and "Just a few more weeks til we're back together again". This will also consist of lots of hugging and possibily tears again.


8. Start planning and counting down the day til the next time you're all together 

Now you look to see the next time you're all together again and the countdown and planning starts again in the group chat.