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Springtime, Sunshine, and Serotonin

Aside from Mother Nature’s not-so-funny, dreary weather on April Fool’s Day, springtime means sunshine, flowers, and warmer weather. This winter, for me, was one that seemed to drag on. Weird fluctuations of temperature and precipitation did not help my motivation levels whatsoever. Emerging from the long winter that, coupled with a pandemic, was a tough one, and I’m sure we were all in need of something uplifting. 

Nothing is more satisfying than waking up to golden rays of sunshine lighting up my living room. Sunshine and warmer weather is known to be calming and mood-boosting — which describes how I feel to a T.  I always get so excited to go outside and move my body, not having to worry about layering up to leave my apartment building. 

Along with springtime on campus comes the number of people out walking around and studying on the grass. Being able to find a spot at the base of a tree to do work increases my motivation, focus, and overall productivity. Not to mention taking a break from the gym and getting some exercise outside in College Woods! 

Additionally, the limited weekend activities have created this cycle of school, sleep, and occasional relaxation, with not too many exciting plans to break that cycle. So, fingers crossed for a few warm, sunny days over the upcoming weekends to be able to take a few much-needed beach trips, because we all need a break from our usual schedules once and a while. The beach may be just what you need to get that Vitamin D and reboot for the upcoming weeks! 

So, next time the temperatures rise and the sun comes out, take advantage! Grab some friends and go for a walk or study outside! Trust me, it will leave you feelin’ extra happy :)

Hi:) I'm a junior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Communication and minoring in Business Administration! Aside from writing for HerCampus, I am usually either doing homework or going to the gym. But, when I have a free second I love hanging out with friends, scrolling through Pinterest, or getting outside and going running or hiking! :)
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