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Fall is just around the corner and I don’t know about anyone else but I am so excited. Apple cider donuts, the changing of the leaves, the change in style from shorts to leggings and sweater are some of my favorite things. And how can I forget pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! If you can’t tell it’s my favorite time of the year. But this year is going to look a lot different. You can still enjoy the many fun activities of the fall with friends or by yourself, but remember to stay healthy and safe. 


Apple picking. Apple picking is the classic fall experience. This year is gonna look a little different. Why not go by yourself or with a select amount of friends? Keep the group small, maybe just enjoy the day with your roommates. And don’t forget a mask!! Staying 6 feet apart outside is ideal and with apple picking, you can make it fun!


Baking. Who doesn’t like a good apple pie with the apples you picked. Baking is such a great activity to do with your roommates or even by yourself. It’s also delicious. Bake something for your friends. They will love a sweet surprise, especially during this time of the semester. 


Movie marathon. You know those old Disney Halloween movies we would watch when we were younger. Well, I still love them so why not have a movie marathon. A movie marathon on a cold fall night or on a rainy day is the perfect past time. Lighting a candle and turning on a movie puts me in such a good mood. You can do this by yourself or have a socially distant movie night with a couple of your friends. Grab some individual bags of popcorn and your own bags of candy and hit play. 


Going on a hike. The leaves are changing and the weather outside is getting a little cooler. Fall in New England is my favorite season because of how beautiful it is outside. It actually makes me smile seeing the leaves changing falling to make the ground look so colorful. So why not go for a hike. Again, you can do this on your own and go explore some trails or with your close friends and have a great time together. Or just spend some time at a park if you don’t want to hike. Have a picnic or read. Just go outside!


There are so many other things you can do during the fall: pumpkin picking, a photoshoot (don’t forget the mask or just take some selfies) and even painting the pumpkin you just picked. I know times seem hard to get out and have fun. But the traditional fall activities can all be modified so you can still have fun! I encourage you to take a break from Zoom and try out a socially distant fall!!!

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Hi! I'm Lauren and I am a Senior Genetics Major and CC for Her Campus at UNH in a world where you can be anything, be kind :)
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