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Socially Distant Activities to Do With Your Friends On Campus

1. Go on a hike.

Going to school in New Hampshire, we live near so many nice hiking trails. We even have the College Woods on campus!

friends girls hike sunset mountains adventure silhouette
Melody Ozdyck / Her Campus

2. Have a picnic.

There are so many perfect spots to set up a picnic blanket big enough to safely socially distance on campus. T-Hall Lawn or the Fishbowl are two good places that have wide open spaces.

Picnic Donuts
Amy Cho / Spoon

3. Study outdoors.

UNH has a lot of tables set up all around campus for you to study outdoors at. Just make sure you bring disposable wipes to wipe down all surfaces before you get down to studying.


4. Go to the beach.

While the weather is still warm, take advantage of the super nice beaches near our campus. Hampton Beach is 20-30 minutes away, and York, Maine is less than an hour! New England beaches are some of the best beaches to go to, and UNH is very close to some of the nicest.

Sunset Ocean Beach Sky Evening
Charlotte Reader / Her Campus

5. Learn how to roller skate or skateboard.

Though they may seem easy, roller skating or skateboarding take time to master. With open parking lots around on campus, this could be a fun hobby to try out!

Anna Schultz-Converse Skateboards
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

6. Take up painting.

You could have a socially distant paint party with your friends! Set up tables that are a safe distance apart, and have everyone use their own canvas. You can sanitize paint bottles with wipes and have everyone have their own set of brushes.

Jade Stephens
John Arano / Unsplash

Boston, Mass UNH 22'
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