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Nutritious Melting Soft Creme Mask
Nutritious Melting Soft Creme Mask
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Skin Care: How Important Is It?

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Your skin is the largest organ in your body, which should tell you the importance of taking care of it.

As we get older, our ability to produce collagen decreases anywhere from 1- 1.5% per year. This makes the fibers become thinner and looser, which results in skin sagging and wrinkling. Growing old is natural, beautiful and graceful thing, however, there are things you can do to prevent wrinkles and increase more collagen production so you don’t have as many wrinkles or saggy skin.

To start off, the most crucial and important thing; sunscreen. It does not matter how much money or time you spend on your skin, if you are not wearing sunscreen, you’re basically taking all that product and throwing it out. Wearing sunscreen minimizes the destruction of collagen. Every day, we are exposed to the sun. Up to 90% of visible skin changes is caused by the sun. You can still get color wearing sunscreen, and the tan will last longer because due to the skin not being burnt, it doesn’t peel. So, wearing sunscreen is always the right answer!

Now let’s talk moisturizer. Moisturizer is the last step of your skin care routine (before sunscreen). It is super important to always apply moisturizer last. The reason for this is simply because moisturizer locks product in to your face. So, after cleansing, exfoliating and applying serum, if you do not apply moisturizer, the products are just going to sit on your skin. Once moisturizer is applied, it locks all the products in and they penetrate into your skin. Moisturizer hydrates your skin which is another crucial step in skin care! It also helps to repair the skin, and plump the skin.

For step three in your routine, you should have a serum. Serums help to refine your pores, reduce wrinkles, even your skin tone, brighten and reduce redness.

Exfoliation is a key step to good skin. Picture a dirty surface. Before cleaning it you are dumping product on it expecting to clean the outside and inside. It won’t. This is the same with exfoliating. If your skin is dry and has build up of dead skin, all the product you put on it is just going to sit and build up, not penetrating into the skin. So, you want to make sure to exfoliate at least three times a week post cleaning to allow product to penetrate and work.

Lastly, the first step in skin care, CLEANSER. Cleansing your skin is so important. We constantly have oil and dirt/debris building up on our skin throughout the day. If you aren’t cleaning your face, acne will form and clogged pores. It’s super important to cleanse. All skin types are different so it’s important to make sure you have what’s best for your skin type.

Skin care is so important and your face is yours forever, so you should always invest in you.

Senior Psychology major at UNH with a minor in Communication.