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September Reminder


In one of my classes we are talking about how the media affects day to day life of people. As we all know, the media is everywhere these days, whether it’s for business, family, personal use, etc. In one of the pieces we were looking at, it was how shows and tv can influence us into thinking we are in that kind of reality. In fact, one point that was made was that most people live in what some might say a sim, that they lose touch of real life. People may lose touch with what’s really out there. The pressure sometimes can be unbearable. 

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TV and Other media like social networking can have a really big impact on how some, especially young adults whose brains haven’t fully developed and are in their most precious years of learning and adapting, perceive things. For instance, over the past 6 months of quarantining due to the world wide Pandemic that just seems to make 2020 look the worst year that’s yet to come. Not only is physical health a main worry, but the pandemic has also had a huge impact on mental health. I read an article in Oxford Academic that stated studies indicate that not only does the pandemic right now cause distress, high anxiety, social isolation and fear among many other things, but even for many years after the pandemic. (Sher, Leo)


[bf_image id="929cn6csr682jsfrfft3pgk"] We all have seen it, the pandemic sucks. Not one person would have wished for this. All of us had to go through many changes, whether working from home, collecting unemployment for the first time, forgetttt about zoom classes- Those would have sucked at any point in time, not being able to see our friends, hug out family. It was the worst. And as we know transition back into school, more fear, worry, uncertainty and anxiety might affect some students. This is where we are in this together comes into place. We have to stick together, we have to be there for our friends. Whether it’s swabbing each other's noses for Covid testing, or making meals and having safe hang outs to make the weirdness somehow feel well... normal again. As we are coming to the middle of September, it’s good to remind ourselves of the resources that are out there. On top of everything else that may be going on in someone’s life, the problems of 2020 sure haven't helped, and by the way it looks it doesn’t look to be getting better quite yet.  


[bf_image id="q7niqw-51e9i8-7qf13e"] September is Suicide Prevention Month. It’s good to remember that, YOU matter, that OTHERS matter and that there are people out here, trained in these things to help those in need. If you or a friend that is in need, don't hesitate, use these resources, reach out to people you trust, who make you feel safe. 

This article is a reminder of a couple things,

First, that no matter how sucky 2020 can get, if we have made it this far, we can keep on going. 

Secondly, we are all stressed, yes everyone. you are not alone, so reach out. 

And lastly, to look out for others. Sometimes, in these times of needs some will shut down, or fake it til they make it. Even ask your happiest of friends how they are, catch up with people you haven’t checked in a while, say your I love you’s to friends and when others say it, of course say it back. 







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Sher, Leo. “Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Suicide Rates.” OUP Academic, Oxford University Press, 30 June 2020, academic.oup.com/qjmed/advance-article/doi/10.1093/qjmed/hcaa202/5857612.

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