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Senior Year? No Way.

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It’s hard to believe that in a short couple of months I will be graduating. I guess in some sense this is almost like a diary entry for how I feel at this given moment about it. It is hard to not instantly want to cry when I think about graduating and moving on. Hell, there are days I wish I could relive high school because I let my depression get the best of me my senior year. Now here I am a senior in college with a semester to go, and because of Covid-19 I lost 2 years of college. Maybe I feel regret? Anger, most definitely. But I mostly feel sad that I was not able to live out all of my 4 years to the fullest. Believe me when I say I know I am not the only one, every single one of my friends is in the same boat. Yet it’s hard. It is hard to grasp the fact that one day I am going to look back on college and not have some of the experiences I should have had. 

I am now stuck in a rut of my thoughts and how I feel about the quickly approaching post-graduate life and the questions that constantly seem to bombard me about my future and my answer is simply, “I don’t know”. It is the only thing I have to offer. I seem to be on a rampage of my own thoughts, but now I am seeking advice. How does one move on from college? And transition into their future when they are unsure of what is next. 

The one thing I will say about my college experience is that I am thankful for the opportunities I have had, the friends I have made, and what I have learned about myself and how I can carry that with me through a new adventure in what is going to be an extremely short 6 months.

Lover of country music and my dog.
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