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Self-Helpless: The Podcast Every College Girl Should Listen To

I discovered Self-Helpless on one of my traffic-filled, repetitive car rides to and from a summer internship. I was immediately hooked and binge-listened to all the past episodes. 

What it’s About 

Self-Helpless is hosted by three hilarious, badass stand-up comedians – Delanie Fischer, Kelsey Cook, and Taylor Tomlinson. Together, they discuss all things self-improvement from reviewing self-help books, to self-help practices like mediation, diet, exercise, and even topics related to mental health and relationships.

Basically everything that a struggling 20-something needs to hear about. 

They’re self-proclaimed Type-A personalities with a passion for sometimes-cheesy Pinterest quotes and weekly efforts to “Treat yo’ Self”. Stories about their daily lives and struggles will leave you cry-laughing and thinking “wow, same.”

Best Parts of the Podcast

This podcast is particularly special beyond just the topics covered because the girls bring so much humor and realness in what they say. It’s honestly like sitting down with your girlfriends to have a long conversation. 

They invite a variety guests onto their show from fellow comedians and nutritionists to their own boyfriends, bringing new and interesting perspectives on self-help and living your best life. 

Their advice, personal experiences, and hilarious conversations have inspired me to become more self-aware, empowered, and overall, a happier person.

For anyone seeking a new podcast or even just something to pass the time as you walk to your fall semester classes, Self-Helpless will change your life. 

How to Listen

Self-Helpless is available for free on iTunes, Spotify, the Self-Helpless website. Video recordings of the episodes are available on YouTube. They also have a Patreon page where they release bonus episodes and other special offers for only $5/month.

Fans of Self-Helpless have dubbed themselves “Helpsters” and there’s even a private Facebook page you can join to discuss the podcast and share information with other Helpsters. It’s such an amazing and supportive community that I highly recommend to fellow colligates.  


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