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Saturdays Are for The Girls: How Call her Daddy Changed the Game

Now, I guarantee at some point in your life you walked into some frat guy’s room with an all navy comforter set, LED lights surrounding the entirety of the ceiling, an empty Natty Light box, and their prized possession: a Saturdays Are For The Boy’s flag right above their bed. Now that you can picture that, I can almost promise that you have had some guy pop into your head who fits the description and how they act. For years Barstool Sports have been a primary male platform since it started in 2003. That was the case until 2018. A new podcast hit their market, and changed the game for the entire brand when two girls met at a bar and started talking about casual sex. Shortly after, Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn signed a contract with Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, and thus was the birth of the infamous podcast Call Her Daddy.

This podcast entirely changed the game for Barstool because although Barstool had other girl-oriented podcasts such as Chicks in The Office, none of them quite hit the popularity of how big Call Her Daddy became in the two years as it had ranked Number One for weeks on end. This was the first-ever podcast where sex was confidently talked about with no filter from the perspective of a girl. They tell girls the secret to giving a great blow job or popularly known as the “gluck gluck 9000” and new sex positions to try in the bedroom. In a sense, this was revolutionary because whenever girls talk about anything to do with sex we are judged and seen as a “slut.” Guys however can talk about sex as much as they want and it’s seen as normal. It’s 2020 believe it or not. Sex is not only a need for just men, but women too! We should not be afraid to talk about a core thing that makes us human.

This double standard not only goes on for sex but relationships too. The Call Her Daddy girls tell us that they do not need some guy to take away from who they are, and understand not every guy is going to be your prince charming, but honey, you’re the queen. Most of all, they are very honest about it which gives this sense of empowerment. Many people find the podcast to be too blunt but the reality is they just talk about how girls can do anything guys do. For example, girls masturbate, girls cheat, and girls have casual sex with whoever they want. So what? It shouldn’t be frowned upon when we do the exact same damn thing men do but all of a sudden we are seen in a different light. The podcasts make that for once the girls are the real savages, and we should be confident in ourselves because for once they make us feel we have the power. Now in the wise words of Cooper and Franklyn, “Do I call him daddy? Do I call her daddy? Call her daddy.”




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