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Safety Tips for College Parties

Fall semester has officially started! WOOHOO! Although I’m at college to learn and work toward my degree, I love spending my weekends partying with friends! Partying doesn’t necessarily have to mean drinking, because going out to dance is SO much fun in itself. Just make sure you’re having fun and doing what works best for you! Whether it be at huge frat house, a daytime gathering (darty), or smaller apartment party, here are some tips to make sure the night goes smoothly and safely!


Travel in Packs!

  • Doesn’t matter you or your friend’s gender, always bring a buddy. At the very least it’s nice to have someone you know and can talk to if you’re not really feeling the party. And, it will be nice to have someone that’ll keep an eye out for you throughout the night!


Bring Your Own Drinks

  • Unfortunately, some people are actual scum and think it’s okay to drug others in order to take advantage of and/or assault them. If someone offers you a drink, it’s best to politely decline or let them know that you have your own. Not everyone that offers you a drink intends to cause harm, but better safe than sorry.


Make Sure Your Phone is Charged Up

  • Although hopefully you’ll be dancing throughout the night and not on your phone a ton, you’ll probably be texting a lot of people before, after, and between parties about plans and meeting spots. Just plug it in while you’re getting ready! That way, if you need anything during the night, you won’t have to deal with or stress about a dead cell.


Leave With Who You Came With

  • My friends and I always clarify at the beginning of the night if any of us would be okay with going home with someone at the end of the night. If we all say no at the beginning, that still means no by the end of the night. Sometimes when you’re under the influence, certain ideas seem good, even though your sober self would not agree. Make sure you account for everyone before you leave!


Uber/Lyft Home

  • Another good reason to have a fully charged phone! First of all, it’s never okay to drive after a night of drinking. And if you’ve been party hopping, you might be far from home. Staggering home probably isn’t the best idea, so only walk if you’ve assessed yourself and your group. Splitting the fare between your friends is honestly worth it, I swear.


Text When You’re Home Safe

  • After a fun, long night of being out, it’s time to take off your makeup, eat a few potato chips, and head to bed. But, before washing your face and snacking, thank your friends for a good night and let them know you’ve made it home safely. Make sure they are also safe and sound, then drink some water and take an ibuprofen.


Happy Partying!

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