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Most of you have probably heard of The Conjuring, a very popular horror movie of our time I would say. What’s even more fascinating is that it was filmed right here on the East Coast. As spooky season approaches us, the house itself that The Conjuring is based on is for sale in Rhode Island. This house is probably one of the most haunted in the United States which is crazy. I don’t know who would be buying this house for the price, which is at $1.2 million, but I wouldn’t mind the experience of spending the night there like the horror buff I am. Annabelle, which is a spin-off of The Conjuring, about a haunted doll from that same house, had been rumored of escaping where she is being kept in a museum in Connecticut. She is kept in a glass box and has been there for years. There is a sign that advises others to not open this case and apparently it is quite impossible to even do so. These rumors surfaced in the summer of 2020, which interesting enough was the week I was traveling down to Connecticut to visit my friend’s family. After we did research of our own, we found out that Annabelle escaping was kind of a rumor from the grapevine. Still cool though as it did add some spice to our trip. As Halloween approaches, I get more and more eager to see something scary or haunted like both movies.

Hi i'm Bridget, a sophomore Communication major at the University of New Hampshire. I am from Wilmington Mass, a small town about 20 minutes north of Boston!
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