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Reviewing My Junior Year Goals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

Entering my junior year, I set 5 goals for myself to accomplish. I am going to review those goals and see how I did during my year. 

                    My Junior Year Goals 2019-2020

  • Make the Dean’s List both semesters

    I have made the Dean’s List in the past and it feels so rewarding that all my hard work paid off. This year I want to make it in the fall and spring to prove to myself

Welp- for the fall I did not make Dean’s List. Intro to Financial Management kicked my A$$. I am really hoping for the spring to make it – I am on the right track to do so!!

  • Get on a gym schedule

    The past two years, I always told myself I will get on a good gym schedule and I will keep up with it. I am determined to make changes to myself for the better, inside and out. This will be the first step. – Margaux if you see this please motivate me. 

I did go to the gym more than usually but not as much as I wanted to. But I will say since being in quarantine, I have been doing workouts and been going for runs!! I am trying my best to stay active and it is working! 

  • Win the Fire Challenge 

    This year I am a peer advisor and I have a group of freshmen I help transition from high school to college. There is also a challenge behind it where my group competes against other groups, and the winners at the end of the year get a cash prize. Not only will I get bragging rights, but who doesn’t love some extra cash. 

Yeah this isn’t happening. My team fumbled the bag with logging points. But I saw each one of my students grow and it is an experience I will not take for granted. 

  • Get an Internship

    At the end of this year I would really like to have a summer internship. I do not know exactly what I am looking for an internship or what I want to do. This is all the research I can do so I can prepare myself to get one. 

Yeah this is not going well. I am still internship-less and I am soooo stressed. With COVID, a lot of companies cut their internship programs making it harder. I am planning on taking summer courses and getting different certifications to boost my resume!

  • Have a great year with my HerCampus Girls

    I am so excited to get the year started with my fellow HerCampus girls. We have a lot of things planned that I hope works out for us. I think this will be a great year for us to make sure we are bonding and have super fun events planned. I cannot wait to be reunited with them!

Regardless of any issues or bumps in the road, we had a great year. It was cut short but we made the best of it!!

Hannah and Margaux: I love you both so much and I cannot wait until we are reunited!

Even though I did not meet all my goals, I grew so much as a person this past year and I cannot wait to see where I am a year from now. I may not have exactly touched my goal but I have turned everythign around and made some progress!! I am hoping that my senior year will not be affected by COVID so my friends and I can have the best year.

This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!