Revamp Your Summer Plans

With only a month of school left and temperatures finally above freezing, a lot of us are thinking about what we’re going to do with these upcoming three empty months of no classes, excess free time and extra sunshine. As someone who understands how easy it is to sleep till noon and watch Netflix all day, I’ve planned out three major ways to really make this summer the best summer ever.


1.Go on a Road Trip with Friends

Now is officially the time to start planning those summer vacations if you haven’t already. This summer a couple of friends and I are going to pack our bags for a camping trip to Acadia National Park. No matter where you and your friends decide to go, you should keep in mind your collective interests. My friend group is super into backpacking, outdoors and swimming so we're going to be doing a ton of that. Also, if you're looking to keep your trip inexpensive think about carpooling, camping at free campgrounds, packing food, or staying at cheaper hotels so that you can use that extra cash for souvenirs or something you're into. :)


2.Get a Summer Internship/Job 


Spring is the perfect time to apply for internships as a lot are due before the summer even starts (think March-April). Although no one wants to spend time indoors working all day, internships are a great opportunity to grow your resume and gain experience. Additionally, choose something that works for you; a lot of places won't ask you to be there every day of the week!


3. Try Something New

Have you been nervous to study abroad or join that new club or sports team? As summer passes keep in mind the areas where you held yourself back. Were you nervous that you wouldn’t fit in or even that you missed the sign-up date for something so might as well not even try? Fix that attitude and go out for something that scares you, but might be really rewarding in the end. Be aware of all the opportunities you are getting now because they won’t be around forever and enjoy the chances you have now.


Whatever you decide to do this summer, make sure not to waste it! Plan ahead, but most importantly enjoy yourself because before you know it, you'll be back at school!! :)