Responding to Yik Yak Questions

"How do I try to make it work through my long distance relationship if it’s breaking me down?"

            First, a relationship should never make you feel like you’re breaking down because that’s not healthy (especially when you don’t need the extra stress in college). Make sure to first ask yourself, “Am I breaking down only because it’s hard doing the distance and not being able to always see him/her? Or, am I breaking down because this relationship is not what’s good for me anymore?” Relationships are some of the most magical yet tragic things we can experience throughout our lives. Love can rock and suck all at the same time. Long distance relationships take a lot of patience and trust. If you know that in your heart this is what you want, try to discuss with your partner about some new ways to communicate with each other to ease the stress off one another and still be involved within each other’s everyday lives.

Be open to explaining your feelings and telling them what you need throughout the relationship during your time apart (distance wise), but be sure to also ask them the same thing and hear what they need, too. Setting up a certain time to skype or call, maybe once or twice a week where both of you know you will have nothing going on, would be an easier way to still fulfill that want to hear their voice. This sets you up with a set schedule that works for both of you and it will make it easier to talk while not getting your hopes up for a possible call each day. Learning to understand each other’s schedule is important. Communicating with each other saying things like “Hey, I’m busy right now can I text you around this time?” is what is necessary in order to build the understanding and patience that is needed. Lastly, figure out the times in which you will be able to see each other and start a countdown! It’s a fun and exciting way in watching how quickly time flies and knowing each day just brings you one step closer. No matter what, always make sure to communicate, understand, be patient, be trustworthy, and still be flirty! These will all ensure you a strong and steady relationship no matter what the distance.

"I hate feeling like I have no friends here, should I transfer?"

            Don’t give up on us yet, Wildcat! There are so many ways to know people and make friends. The university offers a countless number of clubs and organizations that fit everyone’s interest and taste! Clubs are a great way in meeting others and creating friendships. Also, keep an eye out for certain events going on around campus. Each week there’s something new and this can also help with meeting more people. Be open to talking with your fellow classmates, too! Some of the greatest friendships can start just from sharing the same class with somebody. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, nothing bad can come from it!

"Why do I feel like this semester will never end?"

            It’s time to think positively, especially since this part of the semester can be tough. So look at it this way, we’re more than halfway through the semester! We have a little less than two weeks until Thanksgiving break and once we’re back from that, we only have two weeks of classes left for the semester! Keep on keeping on, it will be over before you know it. Just enjoy as much of it while you can.

"So its midway through the semester and I still haven’t gotten the guts to ask her for her number…"

            It’s time to go for it! If you two aren’t on the friendly level of talking to each other or you don’t even know her name yet, start to ease your way into introducing yourself first and slowly take it from there. Eventually the days will pass by where you can create small talk with each other either in class or outside of class. You can ask her about her major, where on campus she’s living and if she enjoys it, or maybe compliment her on something that she’s wearing; all of those are easy ways to start a quick conversation. Once you feel comfortable enough, just be straight up and ask her for her number. Confidence is extremely attractive!

"Is it still considered a “girls night” if they do it five nights a week?"

            Of course it is! Any night, no matter how frequent, is a girl’s night as long as you’re with your girls! Those nights are some of the most memorable and the most fun, where we can all have our “kind” of fun with our best girl friends. Whether its staying in and watching a movie while talking about everything under the sun, or going out to a restaurant, bar, or club, it’s always a girls night with your girls! Technically we can say the same thing with guys, right?