Reasons Why We Are Thankful for Her Campus

Every semester Her Campus has a sister chapter program that all chapters can participate in. Within the sister chapter program, we are able to connect with other Her Campus chapters from different states or countries. This semester we are lucky to be paired with Her Campus UPR . Both of our chapters are thankful for a lot of opportunities that Her Campus has given us, so we have collaborated to bring you reasons why we are thankful for HC.

1. The Survival Kits

2. Networking with future professionals

3. Building lifelong friendships

4. Being able to say we have had our writing published

5. Collaborating with other on-campus organizations

6. “I love being able to interact with accomplished people on campus, learn about their stories and write about them. It allows me to expand my networks and get to know people that I wouldn’t interact with daily.” Lydia Brown, UNH

7. “It's a nice break from school work! it's also fun to have meetings/share articles :)” Taylor Livingston, UNH

8. “It’s given me a chance to grow as a writer and as a person.” Patricia De La Rosa, UPR

9. “It gives us a chance to speak out.” Daniela González, UPR

10. “It lets collegiettes like me create and share the content we want to see.” Jomayra Montalvo, UPR.


11. “It has guided me through college.” Verónica Torres, UPR

12. As a freshman, it was a great first step forward into meeting some really awesome girls!! it helped me being around people who are interested in the same things as me while also learning about new things through everyone's articles! it's like we are all similar but still have our differences from one another” -Christina Pescatore, UNH

13. “It's a great way to meet people who have different majors and backgrounds than you!” -Julianna Sagliano, UNH

14. "The articles are about many different topics (music, food, love, school, etc.), so there's something for everyone!" -Bri Miller, UNH

15. “I’m thankful for Her Campus because it has helped me develop work skills.” Uliana Rodríguez, UPR.

16. “I enjoy the fact that I get to guide writers into discovering what they’re passionate about. It’s given me a voice that I never thought I would have and the space to reach out to others and inspire them with whatever I have written.” - Ashley Ortiz, UPR

17. Her Campus became a place where I discovered my passion for writing and being able to share my voice to the public audience is powerful . I am thankful for the opportunities that Her Campus has given me throughout my college career. -Emily Luc, UNH