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Meet this weeks Campus Cutie, Rachael Galipo! Rachael is a sophomore psychology major with a strong interest in art. If you can’t find Rachael climbing the rock wall be sure to look in one of the hammocks outside! And don’t worry, she’s single!

Major: Psychology major with an art minor, hoping to pursue a career in art therapy

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Randolf, New Jersey

Relationship Status: Single

Why UNH?: I chose UNH because I love the outdoors! I love hiking, camping, snowboarding and rock climbing, as well as anything that brings nature and me together. UNH lets me immerse myself in the beauty of nature as well as a great campus and community.

This or That?:

Libby’s or Scorps? Libby’s! I love blue cheese and their blue burger is on point!

DHOP or Wildcat Pizza? DHOP. It might actually compare to Jersey pizza.

Aroma Joes or BNG? BNG, they have the dirtiest chai.

Philly or Hoco? Philly because breakfast ALL day every day.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs will always have my heart. 


Color? Purple.

Place on Campus? The rock climbing walls, and anywhere I can hang my hammock. 

Club on Campus? Rock Climbing club, Snowboarding Club, Best Buddies.

Sport to play? Snowboarding and rock climbing.

 Movie? Thats hard… The Campaign and Dazed and Confused.

Artist? Summer hits of the 90’s Pandora station.

TV Show? The Big Bang Theory.

Hobby? Climbing, snowboarding, photography, and drawing. 

Things about a guy

Eye Color? Brown.

Hair Color? Brown.

Best Qualities? Athletic, free spirited, easy going, thoughtful, loyal, and genuine.

Deal breaker? Someone without ambition.


Next Campus Cutie and Why?

Katie Schulz. Katie and I met last year in an art class and were only kind of friends. We would talk every once and a while but only the other day we realized how close we actually are. We have the same attitude on life and a very strong personality. We both care a lot about the people and lives around us.We are both very well bounded. Katie is not only beautiful on the outside, but she is a warm-hearted beauty on the inside as well.


University of New Hampshire Marketing student
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