Prove Them Wrong

"Nobody said it would be easy, but don't give up when it starts to get hard"

Often in life people are faced with goals they strive to achieve but along the way they face denial and negative comments about it. Ever try your hardest to make a team, get a high grade on a test, be apart of an organization, score your dream job etc.? Not going to lie it really sucks when you don’t get something that you tried your hardest for, I won’t sugar coat that. But what sucks more is letting the other side win. Letting that bad grade effect every other test you take or not being picked for something after you try your hardest and put in your best effort in. Once you give up on yourself, you’re letting that failure win. 

Don’t give up on yourself. Take a denial and turn it into a growing experience. YOU decide your future not someone else. If someone tries to tell you, you aren’t good enough for something turn it around and PROVE THEM WRONG. Don’t stop trying and push yourself. Show the people who doubted you that they were the wrong ones. 

Sometimes we try so hard for something and in the end we don’t get what we want and that is okay. Use this as a lesson to push yourself further than the last time. Not achieving what you wanted isn’t a failure. You only fail when you give up. Don’t let other people’s opinions push you to the point where you give up on what you want. Go out there, work harder and strive for your own success. Prove people who ever doubted you wrong. Show them that you control your life and your success, not them.