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Mackenzie Vanacore

Pick up a Pen and Write a Letter

I think, for most of us, this is the first time we have been in a situation of forced distancing from others. The lack of interaction is kind of strange and surreal, the empty streets and storefronts are somewhat off-putting, and the feeling of loneliness is very real. I personally am having a hard time navigating the current climate, with the same cycle of zoom lectures and live stream workout sessions filling my days. But I wanted to share with you one method that I’ve been using to connect with friends I am used to seeing every day at school and reconnect with friends I haven’t caught up with in a while. 

After receiving a handwritten letter from a close friend in the mail, I’ve made a habit of exchanging letters with many of my friends and relatives. There is something so personal about handwritten notes – I enjoy the whole process, from picking out my favorite stationery and stickers to selecting unique memorabilia that I’ll sometimes include to remind a friend of a special memory. This could be a Polaroid picture, a ticket stub, or anything else that might remind you of a happy time. With all of the fear and anxiety in the world around us right now, this is a relatively simple way to reach out to those you care about. Everyone is struggling right now, but anticipating these letters in the mail each week has given me something to look forward to. 

Another idea that my sorority sisters have come up with is “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Journal”. Basically, one person decorated the handheld journal, wrote a short note on the first page and mailed it off to one of our sisters. Our hope is that the journal will make its way around to each girl so that we can engage with each other and spread positivity during this challenging time. 

So if you are feeling down and missing your friends lately, consider picking up a pen and writing a letter, or even starting a community notebook where you can record your positive messages and reminisce old memories with friends from afar. Get creative and have fun connecting!

u of new hampshire ‘22
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