Perks of Having a Fall Birthday

As a kid, I thought that having a fall birthday was honestly the worst thing ever – all of my friends were older than me and they would have these huge outdoor pool parties with bouncy houses. I was so jealous. As I got older though, I grew to realize that I actually don’t like summer that much. It’s hot, humid, and sweaty. Also, it’s impossible to escape the heat no matter what you do. Everyone that knows me knows that I am not a happy person when I'm not. Once I hit high school, it occurred to me that having a fall birthday comes with some really great perks that are often overlooked.


1. You know how you get birthday perks from Starbucks, Dunkin, and basically every other company/store that has your birthday on file? Yeah, well, having my birthday in October means that I can use those perks to get a free PSL, or any other fall-related beverages that every basic college girl loves. Can it really get any better than that?


2. Fall foliage + birthday photo shoots = the perfect fall photo shoot! If it’s fall and you need a new profile picture or Instagram update, you can almost guarantee that those pictures are going to be outside with the fall leaves. If you have a fall birthday, you’re probably already dressed up or dressed nicer than usual. Why not take advantage of that and get some killer fall pics for the Insta? Personally, I always go apple or pumpkin picking on or around my birthday – festive fall activities are the perfect setting for a birthday photo shoot!

3. Even if you aren’t a fan of cold weather, I don’t think anyone can disagree that fall fashion is the best fashion. Cute sweaters, riding boots, scarves, and flannels are a must for fall in New England. Not only do they make super cute outfits, but they’re also super warm and comfy. I LOVE layering with cute sweaters, cardigans, or flannels in the fall – call me basic, which I am, but it really is the best time of year.

4. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate sweating, especially when I’m trying to look nice. Having a fall birthday means that I don’t have to worry about being sweaty all the time. I can layer up and look super cute without feeling like I’m glistening from the sweat in all of my birthday pictures – let’s face it, sweat is not a good look unless you’re at the gym.


5. When your birthday and Halloween fall two days apart, you can take full advantage of Halloweekend! Imagine having your birthday two days before Halloween – pretty great, right? Yeah, I have that! Halloweekend is one of the best weekends of the fall semester and I get to spend the whole weekend celebrating my birthday! Even though I know that the whole weekend isn’t about me, it’s almost like a weekend-long celebration. I get to do all of those fun fall and Halloween activities with my friends for the entire week/weekend leading up to my birthday!


I’ve grown to love having a fall birthday – I’m naturally predisposed to loving fall because of it, too. Fall really is my favorite season and I’m so glad that I can celebrate my birthday by doing all of my favorite fall activities. Summer is great since there’s no school, but it’s not nearly as magical as the fall. Even though I still wonder what it would be like to have a summer birthday with all of its perks, I wouldn’t trade my fall birthday for the world!