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Perks of Being “Tied Down” in College

Starting at UNH as a freshman last year, I had never been in a relationship for more than three months. I came to UNH single with the mindset of keeping my slate open and not committing to anything as it would be too complicated otherwise. Boy, was I wrong about that one. As a freshman, I wanted to meet as many people as possible. I talked to a few different guys, but it hit hard when I realized they only saw me as a casual fling. I learned very early on after feeling that yucky, jealous feeling that I am a relationship girl. After talking to one guy in particular for a while, I was crushed when I found out he was talking to me, and to many other girls. After realizing this more than once, I wanted to talk to someone who put in just as much effort as I put in.

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Although Fall of my freshman year was filled with feeling unsettled and unsure of myself, I met a guy that was all about me. Meeting him after the emotional rollercoaster of what I went through earlier that month made me sure of my decision to move forward with a committed relationship. Since he attends the same school as me, it was an easier decision as I couldn't do long distance. 

It wasn’t smooth sailing though, as for a while I still felt as though we had rushed into things too soon. All my friends were single and it was only my first semester of being here. I felt like I had made a mistake. Looking back, I was silly to think those thoughts as I haven’t felt insecure or uneasy since I’ve been with him.

Here are some things to consider if you are pondering what being in a relationship might entail


Less Stress

I can’t tell you how stressed out I was at the beginning of the year last year. “Is he interested?” “Am I being too forward?” “how long should I wait to text him back?” Do these questions sound familiar? All I know is that I had so much unnecessary stress last year and I feel so much more content knowing the person I’m talking to likes me back.

You also don’t have to feel pressure to dress or act a certain way. I don’t know about you, but I got sick of keeping up real quick.

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Someone There for You 

As someone who likes to vent and get things off my chest, having someone there to listen is very important to me. Especially being in college and feeling the full effects of stress and homesickness.

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Automatic Cuddle Buddy

Want to cuddle up with someone on a rainy day? End of discussion.


A Best Friend

Since my boyfriend and I go to the same school, it is very convenient for me to text him to meet up at the dining hall, or go out together on the weekend, or hit the library to study. I love having a built in best friend. Along with this, just having someone to experience college with. Everything is so new and its comforting to have someone to experience life with.


An Opportunity to Expand Your Friend Group

I’ve met so many wonderful people through my boyfriend, and I know he can say the same thing for my friends. I love having a huge network of people

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After being in my relationship for over a year, one of my best friends here has said she hasn’t seen me happier since being with him and I agree. Relationships aren’t for everyone but if you’re scared of missing out of being single, I hope some of my points have helped you consider otherwise.


Hey! My name is Taylor Sheehan and I am a Sophomore at the University of New Hampshire, and am majoring in Health Management and Policy!
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