The Perfect Care Package: Regaalo

During my time at UNH, I’ve seen a lot of my friends get care packages from their families filled with things they don’t really need or never plan on using. So when I heard about Regaalo, a company started from UNH students, that makes gift giving to students easy, I was immediately interested.

Regaalo creates Gifts Care Packages that are different.  The base packages, full of items handpicked by students, are customizable with over 100 add-in choices. For example, when your birthdays coming up, your mom could choose a Happy Birthday package for you with your favorite favorites. Family members know their student’s preferences, and they can use add-ins to customize a Regaalo Care Package to send exactly what the student wants.

In addition, Regaalo Gifts can schedule items for future delivery to match your birthday or other key event, such as a major exam.  This is helpful because your parents can purchase and schedule their gifts online, at their leisure, without worrying about forgetting. Regaalo Gifts saves parents time and money by eliminating the drive to a shop to find, pack, wrap, and ship items.  So if you know your parents are thinking of sending you something for the rough week ahead, tell them about Regaalo. All they have to do is go online, order the customized Care Package, and schedule it for delivery.  Regaalo takes care of everything from there!

Regaalo is an early leader in the new wave of online “social e-commerce” businesses with a mobile gifting platform. Social e-commerce leverages the popularity of the social web to greatly enhance the e-commerce shopping experience.   

Regaalo Gifts provides an online social marketplace, which allows moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers (along with other relatives and friends) to remain virtually connected with students while they’re away at college.  Based on heuristics combining the knowledge base from the social grid, demographic information, and the live student gift rating system, Regaalo Gifts provides insight into appropriate purchases as relatives shop from a wide array of gifts and products marketed for merchants.

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