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Packing Made Easy- #HCSURVIVALKITS Spring Break Edition

Thank you Her Campus and the amazing sponsors for saving us hours of running around to make sure we check everything off of our spring break packing list!


Prepping our Beauty

With Completely Bare waxing strips, waxing has never been made so simple. No more hot uncomfortable wax instead just rub the strips in your hand for 30 seconds, place on your body and pull off. No sticky residue left behind either!


Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak travel size shampoo and conditioner fit perfect in our carry on bags and smell absolutely amazing.


For the beach

A big thank you to Shane S Kuhn for The Intern’s Handbook and Gallery Books for Dirty Rush. Both will help us pass time on the beach while we work on our tans.



For the Belly

Thank you to Luna for our mini Luna bars. The mini bars will come in perfect handing on our long day of traveling (call dibs on the chocolate dipped coconut).


Our Chipotle buy one get one free cards will for sure be used during 1 (or 5) lunch trips during this week.



For our Safety

Sabre has kindly given us campus safety pepper gel. Thank you for thinking of our safety!


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