Outfits to Outsmart Thanksgiving Bloat

Ah yes-it’s that time of year again: the season of giving thanks, pumpkin pie, and dodging intrusive personal questions from obscure relatives.  Among those cherished time-honored traditions are a few less favorable ones, like the dreaded post-holiday dinner bloating. Thanksgiving is only once a year, you absolutely can (and should) indulge in your favorite foods, but when you clean your plate and you’re left immobilized, odds are you’ll want to crawl back to your closet and change into sweats. So, leave your bandage dress behind and check out these comfy-chic outfits to beat the bloat:

                                                                                Blouse Available at: American Eagle Outfitters or AE.com $39.95

Flowy Blouse with Leggings

Leave yourself room for an extra slice of grandma’s pie by wearing elastic waistband pants. Dress up your look with a bold patterned blouse- totally in for Fall 2018! Check out these fun and affordable tops for an easy holiday look:


                                                                                                                   Sweater available at: Aerie or AE.com $59.95

Chunky Sweater

An oversized sweater is a classic fall staple –and a great way to hide your food baby. Feel free to retreat into the warmth of your sweater for a nap when the post-dinner food comma hits.

          Stay comfortable all Thanksgiving long with these cozy knits:

                                                                                                         Dress: Eliza J. Available at Nordstrom $178 


Dress it up!

For a more formal affair, jazz up your holiday look with a dress. Ditch the form-fitting and opt for something with looser lines, like a shift. These ultra flattering silhouettes are ideal for the surge of upcoming holiday parties!