One more year left...

Junior year is coming to end and I will be a senior in the fall. Senior year came too fast, and I am just as emotional as I was going into my senior year of high school. COVID-19 made things different the past year or so for classes, but I am hoping, at least for a small portion of senior year, things will be somewhat “normal.”

Freshman year feels like forever ago. Meeting new people, going to the dining halls, having dorm parties and feeling independent for the first time. Thinking about how I picked my major and classes for that fall was a mind blowing experience. Grateful to have the opportunity to attend UNH.

Sophomore year was by far my favorite, before COVID-19 hit. I was thriving with my roommates in a dorm that had a suite and our own bathroom. A better upgrade from my freshman year dorm. Going to friends' dorms to pregame a frat, going to late night at Philly, going to the library almost everyday doing homework. Getting Union every Tuesday and Thursday with friends. Then COVID-19 hit. It made things difficult and was a weird thing to deal with during school time. I adjusted well to online classes but the only thing that I wanted was summer.

After summer, junior year was here. My first apartment off campus with my friends and even a random roommate. Excited to turn 21 and go to the bars for the first time. Classes got ten times harder and studying became a daily thing. COVID-19 still having limits to hangouts but making the most of it. The summer is coming up fast and internships are around the corner. 

Senior year will be emotional, but the most exciting. Onto bigger and better things.