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I have never really told anyone this story, so I figured why not share it here. It’s the moment I started believing in ghosts. I know this can be a topic for debate, because many people don’t believe in such a thing, but this was just one small moment that occurred a few years back, and since then a few more occurrences have happened. 

One night when I was about 15-years-old, my dad was driving me to my friend’s house in the next town over for a sleepover. It was very dark out and we were driving with only headlights on, no street lights nearby. As we’re driving down this curved road, ahead of the car I saw a small figure that was faintly colored and looked like a young person. I instantly knew that it was not a real person and thought it was a ghost. I don’t have bad eyesight and it was a pretty clear sight that it was a figure of a human being shining in front of the headlights. My dad must have not noticed, but I did and didn’t say a word. I kept thinking about it to myself as we kept driving and once I arrived, I immediately told my friend what I had just witnessed.

As I’m talking about it, her dad walked over and asked what we were talking about, so I told him too, but mentioned that it could have been nothing, because I didn’t want to seem crazy. But once I told him, he said that the location that it occurred in was right next to a cemetery, and there are stories of people seeing a small child figure walking in the middle of the road late at night. 

After hearing him talk about the few other stories that have been told about the small child figure, I definitely was certain that ghosts were real.

Ghosts don’t scare me… but it can be weird to think about. Since this moment, I have a few other instances that I won’t mention, but let’s just say they would cause a few goosebumps.

Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I love listening to other peoples ghosts stories, watching haunting videos, and being able to share my own stories now.

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