Old Alternative/Rock Songs You Forgot Existed

Usually this is the type of music that your dad would be listening to while he was driving you somewhere, but you still know all the words. Here’s a list of the songs that used to and still are frequent flyers on your local rock station.

Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

You probably know this song from it being famously covered by One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer, but Teenage Dirtbag actually did exist way before these bands were ever thought of.

Buddy Holly by Weezer

The lead singer of Weezer actually looks exactly like Buddy Holly, in case you were wondering.

Somebody Told Me by The Killers

Though everyone may know Mr.Brightside, Somebody Told Me is a super popular Killers song that you may not have even known was by them.

When I Come Around by Green Day

Before American Idiot, Green Day was still putting out hits, and When I Come Around is one of them. That old grungy sound will make you feel pretty nostalgic.

Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

    The song that put The All-American Rejects on the map, an ultimate bop that occasionally gets stuck in your head.

1985 by Bowling For Soup

This song is guaranteed to come on at almost every single party you go to, and you feel like the coolest person when you know all of the words.

Everlong by Foo Fighters

This is one song that has an opening that gives me chills everytime I hear it. A classic song that most people don’t really know the words to.

99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger

Goldfinger’s most popular song, that also has a part in German, a great song that you can’t forget.

Spiderwebs by No Doubt

Before Gwen Stefani was just by herself, she was actually in a punk band called No Doubt. Other than Spiderwebs, No Doubt has a bunch of other great songs, and I bet you used to listen to those ones too.

I’m Just a Kid by Simple Plan

This is the pinnacle of teenage angst.

Beverly Hills by Weezer

One of the most popular Weezer songs that you’ve definitely heard, especially in any movie in the 2000’s about California.

When You Were Young by The Killers

Another great underrated song by The Killers that you’ve definitely heard of, and is better than Mr.Brightside (don’t fight me on this).

Flavor of the Weak by American Hi-Fi

You probably don’t know the name or artist of this song, but listening to it brings back memories.

That Thing You Do! By The Wonders

From the movie That Thing You Do! came this absolute bop from The Wonders, the band who was a one hit wonder.

Hotel California by Eagles

Such a classic rock song with a great guitar solo.

Santeria by Sublime

I feel like everyone knows this song, and it also gives you a nostalgic vibe.

Two Princes by Spin Doctors

This is one song that always used to be stuck in my head, but I never knew who it was by or what the title was. I found it for you, you’re welcome.

Barracuda by Heart

Heart, one of my favorite girl groups, blessed us with this bop and showed everyone that girls can do rock just as well as guys can (if not even better).

Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar

An absolute classic that gives you a sense of woman empowerment.

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

Another song that brings out that teenage angst in you.

In Too Deep by Sum 41

A song that somehow gives me summer vibes, In Too Deep is a great song that is still played everywhere since 2001.

My Own Worst Enemy by Lit

A great song that was your favorite one to play on Rock Band.

What’s My Age Again? By Blink-182

Though Blink-182 may have a bunch of really popular and iconic songs, I decided to include this one because it’s my favorite.


I hope you liked and listened to a couple of the songs on this playlist, so you remember how great these songs were and they take you back.