No Makeup

No Makeup


Friday nights.

Getting ready with the girls to go out.

But I don't wear makeup, so I'm usually done getting ready about 45 minutes before everyone else.

When I was younger, I never got into the whole makeup thing. Middle school was about the time most of my friends started wearing makeup. It never seemed that interesting to me and I felt like I didn't need it at that time, but maybe in the future I would.


Once I was in high school, my mom started asking me if I wanted to try makeup. I said no, just because I was lazy and still didn’t see the point in it.


To this day, I still don’t wear makeup and don’t own any makeup products, except for the little tube of concealer to cover up pimples or small breakouts when I get them.

On Friday nights when all my friends are getting ready to go out, I get bored because I have to wait around for an extra 45 minutes to wait for them to finish their makeup. Usually I’ll just sit on my phone and go on social media but it can get boring. A few times I have just watched Netflix to help the time go by faster.


Sometimes my friends offer to put makeup on me, but I always say no. At this point in my life I can honestly say I will never wear makeup as I get older.


I still like getting ready with my friends to go out, but I need new ideas of what to do while everyone else is putting on makeup.