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Nadine Maliakkal

Meet this week’s campus celebrity, Nadine Maliakkal! Nadine is the captain of the University of New Hampshire Synchronized Skating Team, who recently competed at nationals. To learn more about Nadine, and the synchronized skating team read our exclusive Her Campus interview! 

Name: Nadine Maliakkal

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Grade: Senior

Major: Psychology Major, Justice Studies Minor, Sociology Minor

Activities/Clubs: UNH Synchronized Skating Team, Tutor for CFAR (Center for Academic Resources), Research Assistant for the Legal Socialization Lab, and UNH Senior Gift Committee

When did you start ice-skating? 7 years old


How did you get into synchronized skating? When I moved to Rochester, NY from Albany, NY in 6th grade, I became a part of the Thomas Creek Figure Skating Club. This skating club had a synchronized skating team called the Mirror Images and I was a part of it from seventh grade to senior year of high school.

What is your favorite part about skating for UNH? I love everything there is to skating for UNH. From the Whit being where we have our practices to skating with some of my best friends to being trained by my two favorite synchronized skating coaches.

How does/did it feels to make it to nationals? It felt great! We love being able to showcase our hard work at a competition of such great magnitude.

How do you feel your team preformed? I admit to being critical of my own skating and how the team skates as a whole after we compete, but I can honestly say that I loved everything about our performance at nationals. We really just wanted to go all out with our performance and that is exactly what my team did. Without a doubt, it was my favorite skate in all my years of skating for UNHSST.

Where is the coolest place you have competed with UNH? We’ve been to tons of places all over the nation. We loved Colorado Springs, Colorado and Hershey, Pennsylvania, but my favorite place (and the team’s) is easily Lake Placid, NY.

What is your best memory with your team? I can’t pinpoint one exact moment but besides going away for competitions, J-TERM is the best time with the team. We don’t have the pressures of school or work on us, so it gives us a lot of time to bond as a team and to completely dedicate ourselves to skating practices/competitions during that month.


Where if your favorite place to study (Library, Paul College, Union Court)? The fireplace room in the MUB

Favorite Dinning Hall (Philly, Hoco, Stillings)? Philly

Favorite Place to get coffee? Aromas

Favorite Place to eat in Durham? Tacomano

Best Memory at UNH? Homecoming


Do you have any hidden talents? I can fall asleep within 5 minutes anywhere at any time.

What is your favorite book? The Harry Potter series

If you could be cast in any reality show, which one would you pick? If I could dance, So You Think You Can Dance

What song best describes you? Jump Around by House of Pain

If you could hangout with any celebrity who would you pick, and why? Kelly Ripa because I want to be her.


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