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Although I am somebody who is a wholeheartedly summer sunshine type of girl, fall has a special place in my heart. The sun might not be out as late, but pumpkin spice comes back out and it isn’t too cold yet. The campus looks beautiful in all the yellows, reds and oranges. It is peaceful and a great time to just walk around observing everything around you. I love the chilly football games, getting cozy in warm blankets and flannel season. I always am sad when summer fades away, but then I get to do all of my fall favorites. I always plan on doing these things and never go through with it, so here’s some of my fall favorites to inspire you to have fun this season.

Drinking pumpkin spice lattes

I love going around to the different local coffee shops and trying their version of a pumpkin spice latte. It is a fun adventure for me and my friends and we all get a little treat to get through our day!

Apple picking

This has to be a classic! There is absolutely nothing better than looking for good apples to grab, eating one (or four) during the trip and climbing on somebody’s shoulders just to reach the ones at the top of the tree. We all know those are the very best ones, even though we almost fall trying to get them. We get in the tree and try to move the branches to get the most perfect apple just for there to be a spot on the other side. All the laughter is just so worth having endless apples for two months (seriously though, you can make so many things).

Making Apple pie/apple crisp

Eating apple crisp straight from the oven after a chilly day just hits so differently. The warm gooeyness and the crumble all mixing together is a perfect combination. This is a fun activity to partake in with your best friends, family or even significant other and is so worth it when the end result is so yummy and delicious. 

Pumpkin picking

This is similar to apple picking, but you can do so many things with the pumpkins. You can paint fun pictures on their faces or carve them and make them jack-o’-lanterns. They are festive for fall but also spooky season so they have many purposes. Plus, cutting the pumpkins and taking the insides out can be so much fun (definitely don’t fight with the pumpkin guts *wink*). I love searching for the seeds to season and roast in the oven — they always come out so well. This is just a fall staple; it cannot be fall without participating in it. 

Watching gilmore girls

It is the perfect show to watch during the fall. The aesthetic is perfect and it is overall just a funny and charming show that causes you to fall in love with the characters. My comfort place is definitely watching this show and being in my fuzzy, fluffy blanket with the fairy lights on dimly. If you decide to watch Gilmore Girls, you will not regret your choice. 

visiting a Corn Maze

This honestly can get chaotic depending on who you are doing it with, but it is so entertaining. It might take a while but once you get to the end, it is so rewarding. The best part is when you walk by the same corn stalk so many times you start to recognize you are just going in circles at that point, then you have to change your entire strategy, but it is still so fun. 

drinking apple cider and eating apple cider donuts

This is a must; does it really need to be explained? It is delicious and will for sure make you as happy as it makes me. If you haven’t tried these, you desperately need to. 

Going to a pumpkin/fall/spooky festival

Attending fairs and fall festivals (like Screeemfest at Canobie Lake Park or Spooky World at Mel’s Funway Park) is always worth it. Eating caramel apples and caramel corn, going on rides that might be slightly unsafe and feeding farm animals always make for a great day in my book. A popular fair a lot of people go to is the Deerfield Fair which I recommend checking out and seeing the different dates they have available! Almost all the people I know love haunted houses, so if that’s your thing, definitely go with your friends!

There are so many fun things to do in the fall and so many yummy seasonal treats! I hope you enjoyed all of these fall favorites as I am going to try to complete most of these as well. As always, I hope your fall is going amazing so far, even though it is getting colder and the sun is setting earlier. We’ll get through it one pumpkin spice latte at a time, right?

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