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My Current Spring Favorites 

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As a busy college student juggling classes, assignments and social activities, finding balance amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life is ideal. Amidst the chaos, these favorite essentials have seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, making life easier and/or more enjoyable. From practical items that aid productivity to fun accessories and cosmetics that elevate my style and mood, each item on this list has become a trusted companion, enhancing my experiences and adding a touch of joy to my last semester as an undergraduate student. Join me as I delve into the world of springtime bliss, where these essentials play a vital role in navigating the whirlwind of college life with ease and flair.

Beats Studio Pro in Sandstone for Every Occasion

In the serene hue of sandstone, my Beats Studio Pro headphones aren’t just noise-canceling wonders, they’re also perfect for traveling. With their impeccable sound quality and ability to drown out distractions, they ensure that whether I’m strolling around on campus or jet-setting to new destinations, I’m immersed in my own world of music. They are also perfect for working out and studying.

Tocca Garden Collection Mini Perfume Deluxe Set

The enchanting fragrance of Tocca perfumes captures the essence of spring with its blend of feminine, flirty and refreshing scents. Its luxurious scent adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, evoking a sense of timeless elegance wherever I go. Each with her own unique character, they come in the miniature 0.17-ounce version of their iconic bottle, tucked into a beautiful windowed keepsake box. My current favorites are Cleopatra and Florence.

Cute Hair Clips for Chic Accessorizing

Spring is all about embracing playful styles, and what better way to do so than with adorable hair clips? Whether adorned with florals or pearls, these accessories effortlessly elevate any hairstyle, adding a whimsical charm to my look. Lately, I have been using these with a half-up half-down style.

New Balance 530s for Comfort and Style

Combining comfort and style, my New Balance 530s are the perfect companion for long walks in the refreshing spring air. With their sleek design and supportive cushioning, they ensure each step is a breeze, allowing me to explore the outdoors with ease. Mine are a neutral color that goes with any outfit for spring!

Lululemon Court Rival High Rise Skirt in Long

For active days spent playing pickleball or a long walk under the sun, my Lululemon Court Rival High Rise Skirt keeps me cool and stylish. Its breathable fabric and built-in shorts provide unrestricted movement, allowing me to fully enjoy outdoor activities with confidence. The long version is the perfect length for someone who is just about 5’8”. 

Deck of Playing Cards from a Local Artist

Bringing a piece of my hometown wherever I go, a deck of playing cards from a local artist adds a personal touch to gatherings with friends. Whether we’re at the deck at our college bar or enjoying cozy wine nights indoors, these cards inspire laughter and camaraderie with every game. Mine are by John Derian, a family friend and local artist from Provincetown.

Bare Minerals Sunscreen Tinted SPF Moisturizer

Shielding my skin from the sun’s rays is essential during springtime adventures, and Bare Minerals sunscreen tinted SPF moisturizer offers the perfect solution. Its lightweight formula provides sun protection while evening out my skin tone, ensuring a radiant complexion all season long. This was my go-to during spring break in Miami!

One-Piece Swimsuit

With the arrival of warmer weather, a one-piece swimsuit has become my go-to attire for poolside relaxation. Its flattering design and comfortable fit allow me to soak up the sun in style, embracing the carefree spirit of spring.

Mint and Raspberry Leaf Tea for Refreshing Moments

Sipping on a cup of mint and raspberry leaf tea is the epitome of springtime bliss. Not only does it offer a refreshing burst of flavor, but it also boasts numerous health benefits. Mint aids digestion and alleviates nausea, while the raspberry leaf is rich in antioxidants and may help ease menstrual cramps and promote overall well-being.

Shark Flexstyle

Springtime calls for fresh, breezy hairstyles, and a reliable blow dryer is essential for achieving effortlessly chic looks. Whether I’m styling my hair for a casual day out or a special occasion, this versatile tool ensures that my locks are perfectly coiffed with minimal effort and less heat damage!

Rosemary Oil for Healthy Hair

Infused with the invigorating scent of rosemary, this essential oil not only nourishes the hair but also stimulates the senses. Its natural properties promote hair growth and scalp health, making it a must-have for luscious locks as I step into the vibrant season.

Silk Scrunchies

Silk scrunchies are the ultimate hair accessory for busy college students, offering both style and care in one. Their smooth texture helps prevent breakage and minimize frizz, making them ideal for quick and gentle hair styling during hectic schedules. Whether rushing to class or studying late at night, these luxurious accessories keep hair looking its best without causing damage. Beyond their practical benefits, silk scrunchies add a touch of glamour to any hairstyle, transitioning seamlessly from day to night. Suitable for all hair types, their gentle grip and elegant appearance make them a must-have for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair while on the go.

Amazon Vanlinker Oval Sunglasses for Chic Sun Protection

Shielding my eyes from the sun’s glare has never looked more stylish than with the Amazon Vanlinker oval sunglasses. Their sleek design, polarization and UV protection make them the perfect accessory for sunny spring days, adding a touch of glamor to any ensemble. 

Kitten Heels for Effortless Elegance

Step into spring with grace and sophistication wearing kitten heels. Their modest yet chic design effortlessly elevates any outfit, whether paired with a flowy sundress or even jeans as a more casual look. 

Woven Bags

Embrace the chic elegance of the leather woven bag trend, reminiscent of luxurious Bottega Veneta designs. These stylish accessories fuse sophistication with functionality, offering ample space for essentials. Whether opting for a designer dupe or indulging in the real deal, these bags add a flair to any outfit, making them the perfect companions for navigating the springtime errands, social activities and other adventures of a busy college student.

Calpak Luggage Set and Packing Cubes for Travel Adventures

As spring beckons for new adventures, my Calpak luggage set and packing cubes ensure I’m always ready to explore in style and organization. With durable construction and thoughtful compartments, they make packing a breeze, allowing me to embark on any getaway with ease.

Owala Water Bottle in “Water in the Desert” Color Combo

Staying hydrated is key during springtime, and my Owala water bottle in the mesmerizing “Water in the Desert” color combo keeps me refreshed wherever I roam. Its sleek design and innovative features make it the perfect companion for outdoor excursions or indoor exercise, ensuring I stay hydrated in style.

Woven Computer Case from Uniqfind

Protecting my tech gear, my woven computer case from Uniqfind merges style with functionality. Its unique design adds a touch of coastal charm to my Macbook, keeping my device safe and secure as I travel between classes.

Clare V Hats for Effortless Sun Protection

Shielding myself from the sun’s rays in style, Clare V hats offer both practical sun protection and a chic accessory. Whether opting for a classic baseball hat or a bold trucker hat, these versatile headpieces are perfect for any occasion.

Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace for Timeless Elegance

Adding a touch of timeless elegance to my spring wardrobe, a freshwater pearl choker necklace effortlessly elevates any outfit. Its understated beauty and classic appeal make it a versatile accessory, perfect for both casual outings and special occasions.

Canon Powershot Elph 135 Camera from eBay for Fun Pics

Capturing memories with ease, my Canon Powershot Elph 135 camera from eBay is perfect for snapping fun photos during springtime adventures. Its compact size and user-friendly features make it a go-to companion for spontaneous moments, ensuring that every memory is preserved in vibrant detail.

UNH nursing student, beach bum, book worm, and health & wellness lover from Cape Cod, MA!