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Mr. Tuesday Night (James Tobias)


This week’s Her Campus Celebrity is James Tobias aka Mr. Tuesday Night. James acquired his nickname by showing off his best dance moves in the basement of Scorps every Tuesday night. To learn more about this flexible hip-hop dancer, read Her Campus’s exclusive interview below! 


Name: James Tobias

Hometown: Durham now, though I do still consider Salinas Valley back in California to be one just as well.

Grade: Junior

Major: Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and now working towards a Business Management Degree.

Activities/Clubs: Currently none.

Where are you originally from? I grew up predominately in California. After I lived a few years in Pennsylvania before finally moving here.

When did you move to NH? In August of 2014.

How did you get the nick-name ‘Mr.Tuesday Night’?When I first moved into Durham, I began checking out the bars. My job though didn’t give me a lot of nights free, only Tuesday. Every Tuesday I would go to Scorpions for a drink, and after a few I would start getting into a dancing sort of mood. After a few times killing it on the dance floor, the people at Scorps began calling me Mr. Tuesday due that I always showed up on Tuesday. I now make it a tradition.

What other nick-names do you have? None

Have you ever taken dance lessons?Sort of. When I was younger my parents had me take some sort of theater classes, and I learned to dance in little performances like Its a Hard Knock Life. Though I never learned to dance in any of the real styles of dancing like Hip-Hop.

When did you learn to dance? I never really learned to dance. I just let my body flow with the music as it sees fit really. Though I occasionally throw in something fancy on my own accord.


What is your favorite drink at the bar? Guinness.

Where do you work? Previously at Sammy’s, but I’ve recently begun training at a new job down in Portsmouth.

Do you have any hidden talents? I’m amazingly flexible. Like gumby.

If you could be cast in any reality show, which one would you pick? Tough question, I don’t watch a lot of reality t.v. Personally life is reality enough for me. Probably none, I’m not the best actor anyway.



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