Most Said Lines on The Bachelor

Now that the Bachelor has ended…(booooo!)  I thought it would be a good idea to reminisce on some of the most said lines on the show…

1.     Chris Harrison: “This is the most dramatic _________ in bachelor history”     How many times has he said this?? Chris, how can every episode be the most dramatic one yet?

2.     “I think I might be falling for him” Since the contestants are hesitant to tell the person they are actually in love with them in such a short amount time they just cover it up by saying I THINK I MIGHT be falling in love.

3.     “If that’s the kind of girl he likes then maybe I’m not the one for him”  We hear this at least once or twice a season when girls are feeling insecure they think that if the bachelor likes someone else (Olivia for example) he must not be the one for me.

4.     “I know my wife is in this room”  Somehow every season the bachelor has a strong feeling when he first walks into the room that his wife is in the room! Crazy- I wish I had this radar for future relationships.

5.     “This might be my last chance to find love”   We always hear this from the girl who’s “getting older” and stressing that this season is the make or break for her life.

6.     “We’ve overcome so much together “   …You mean in this 6 week time period…

7.     “I have something really important to tell you…”  This is said every season when someone brings up something super deep that makes you feel awful

8.     “I really hate group dates”  No one likes competing with 10 other girls on one day.

9.     “I hope my name is on that one on one card”  Everyone wants a one on one date and the most intense moment is right when the name is about to be read

10.  “Best group of girls yet” Again Chris…how can every cast be the best yet??

11. “I didn’t expect to fall in love so quick” It’s been a week but we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt

12. “We have a real connection” Someone teach me how to develop a real connection in the span of a few weeks…please…

13. “I feel my walls coming down”  The bachelor seems to have the ability to break down the toughest of walls

14. “I feel like this is a fairytale”  Who wouldn’t feel like their in a fairytale while in a helicopter over the Caribbean eating chocolate covered strawberries??

15. “I can really be myself around him”  We hear this from every girl at least 5 times a date let’s be honest

16. “I don’t think she/he is here for the right reasons”  We all know girls get catty and in the one on one interviews their true feelings come out about the others

17. “I have trouble opening up”  Everyone seems to have trouble opening up…but you are on national tv…

18. “I had given up on love”  Until this opportunity came along!!

Tune into Bachelor in Paradise in August!

And watch your favorite gal JoJo back on May 23rd 2016