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Missing Your Dog While At School

There are a lot of things that we college students miss while being away at school - home cooked meals, seeing our families, spending time with our friends at home, privacy, not having school work and of course, if we're lucky enough to have one…our dogs. There’s nothing harder than saying goodbye to those puppy dog eyes.

People who don’t have dogs might think your love for your dog is a little strange. Whether you drive an hour home to see your pup or call your parents and ask them to put Rover on the phone, those who are not blessed with a canine friend don't quite understand.

I am sure we all have a million pictures of our dog on our phones and they are probably even our background pictures. There’s nothing like seeing their face every time you look at your phone.

But sometimes we have to see them not just in a picture. So yeah we probably Facetime our family and friends, but our Facetimes with our dogs are obviously much more important. It’s always hilarious to see their face when they are trying to figure out why they can see you, but you aren’t actually there.

Most of our dorms/apartments have restrictions against owning dogs or having dogs stay over, but chances are that hasn’t stopped anyone who really wants to snuggle with their dog one night. Those who want to have probably found a way to sneak their furry friends in. Is that worth being written up? Of course.

No matter how hard it is to be apart from your best friend, nothing feels better when you finally see them again. So whether you get to see you dog this weekend or you have to wait until Thanksgiving, keep on Facetiming them and that reunion will be so worth it. 


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