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Minimizing Stress In College: Strategies To Tackle A Heavy Workload

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Are your weeks bombarded with assignments? Do you find yourself struggling to find time to balance your academics with your personal life? I know I have! Trying to fit everything into each week can feel overwhelming and completing these tasks can be daunting. Here are the steps I’ve taken to help manage my coursework!

At the beginning of each semester, the first thing I do is visualize my schedule. I like to use the website called YouScheduler and put in all of my classes. From there, I build in time to study, go to the gym, etc.

Getting Organized

After building in my set times, I like to look at all the important dates for each of my classes and write them down in my planner. This includes exam dates and any big projects! Then I look at all smaller assignment due dates and try to assign one day a week to complete that work. For example, if one class’s due dates for homework are every Wednesday, I would complete the assignment on the previous Thursday. Each week, I create a list of everything I need to do that week and stick it inside my computer. As I finish each task, I cross it off my list. This routine helps build consistency and helps me finish everything quickly and on time without feeling overwhelmed!


To study efficiently, I start early and use my built-in study times to hold myself accountable. I recommend building these times based on when you would be able to focus the most. For me, I focus best at night. At these times, I like to review my notes and slideshows from previous lectures and resynthesize the information to make it as simple as possible. Then I like to put the information into a Quizlet and study using the flashcard option.

Finding ways to be organized in college is a struggle, and this is the first time I’ve tried to stick with a routine. Since doing so, I’ve noticed my stress levels drop and my academics improve. Implementing a combined study and academic schedule is guaranteed to help take away your stress!

Gabby's a freshman and is a genetics major and she likes reading and going to the beach