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Mike Albert ’14

Meet Mike Albert, this week’s campus stud. He’s a Junior majoring in Marketing and his dream job is to be a sports agent (we’re hoping he can hook us up with Gronk’s digits someday). He plays rugby here at UNH so he’s not opposed to a little roughhousing ;) Mike is currently single and confessed he has a thing for blonde Kate-Upton look-alikes. If you think you might fit the bill, you can find him on Young Drive most weekends, but steer clear if you’re the jealous type because that’s his biggest turn-off!

The Basics:
Hometown: Attleboro, MA
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Marketing
Clubs or hobbies involved in at UNH: Rugby Team

UNH favorites:
Best class you’ve taken: Germs
Worst class you’ve taken: Management Information Systems
Favorite place to grab a bite to eat: Stillings or Hoco
Favorite UNH sport: Rugby
Favorite UNH moment: Either throwing the fish at hockey games or Young Drive on Cinco de Mayo
Advice to underclassmen: GO TO CLASS! If you do that, everything will be fine.

Fun facts:
Favorite movie: Dazed and Confused
Favorite TV show: Dexter
Favorite color: Red
Song title that best descirbes you: All or Nothing
View on Ugg Boots: Wouldn’t wear them, but I’m not against them.
3 things you can’t live without: Family, Friends, Girls
If you could have one super power what would it be?: Flying, all day

Love life:
Sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a girl: Setting up a scavenger hunt to ask my high school girlfriend to prom.
Ideal date: Im a simple guy, dinner and a movie
Best place to meet UNH girls: Parties off Campus
If you could choose next weeks campus cutie, who would it be and why?: Mike MacDonald, if you haven’t seen him yet, you should #adorable.

This or That:
Christensen or Williamson? Christiansen
Philbrook or HOCO? HOCO
Aroma Joes or BNG? AJ
House party or Frat basement? House Party
Beach or lake? Beach


Leah Tully is currently studying nutrition, wellness, and writing at the University of New Hampshire.
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