Meet the Writers!

For the first article of the new year, we thought we would switch it up.  Meet Sarah and Sara (us), the faces behind each week's Campus Cutie article!  Follow us on twitter @sarahmc_ and @sara_g0519 and tweet us if you know a cutie we should highlight this semester!  (And we think we're pretty good at Twitter)

The Basics

Name: Sarah McCann

Hometown: Manchester, NH

School/Year: COLA, 2014

Major: Psychology

Activities/Clubs: Alpha Chi Omega, HerCampus



Name: Sara Guerriero

Hometown: Lynnfield, MA

School/Year: COLA, 2014

Major: Psychology

Activities/Clubs: Chi Omega, HerCampus


More about Sarah

Best class: Personality Psychology, Prof. Bobby Eckstein

Worst class: Psychobio

Celeb crush: Harry Styles

Favorite movie: He’s Just Not That Into You

Favorite TV show: Entourage

Biggest pet peeve: People not being on time

Most embarrassing moment: I pantsed my friend at the Mad Court party and his boxers accidentally came down too and everybody saw


More About Sara

Best class: Cognitive Psychology, Prof. Jenn Lechak

Worst class: Geography

Celeb crush: Justin Timberlake

Favorite movie: We’re the Millers

Favorite TV show: Homeland

Biggest pet peeve: People that drag their feet when they walk

Most embarrassing moment: I fell flat on my face one night at Scorps and then got asked to leave

UNH Life Together

Fun Facts:

Sarah: I’ve never had a bloody nose

Sara: I used to cry when people sang “Happy Birthday” to me when I was little

How did you two meet? before we even came to UNH and then we didn’t actually speak until junior year… awkward

What is your favorite thing to do at UNH?

Day drink until the SWAT team comes

Scorps or Libbys?

Scorps, duh.

What are your favorite places to eat, both on and off campus? 

The Big Bean

What will you miss most about UNH?

The convenience of having all of your best friends in the same place and the atmosphere in general. (And the Hut/Shack)



Taken or Single?

Sarah: So single it hurts

Sara: Extremely single

Celebrity Woman Crush:

Sarah: Jennifer Lawrence & Margot Robbie

Sara: Beyonce

Favorite Food:

Sarah: Any type of potato ever

Sara: Anything with cheese

Biggest turn-off?

Sarah: When a guy is too into himself & guys who lie

Sara: Confidence not cockiness

Advice to freshmen?

Sarah: Study abroad!

Sara: Get involved and don’t take your time here for granted- it goes by fast!