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Meet Madam Panhellenic President: Alicia Delvento


Say hello to Madam President: Winthrop, Massachusetts native Alicia Delvento! When she isn't focusing on getting ahead in her challenging Health Management and Policy classes or leading the entire Panhellenic community, Alicia simply enjoys watching The West Wing or spending a night (or should I say early evening?) at Scorps. Since freshman year, Alicia has been incredibly involved as a member of her sorority and Panhel; however, she also serves on other committees outside of Greek life as well. For the past two years, Alicia has been a member of both the Order of Omega Honor Society and the Student Organization of Health Leaderhsip. Alicia's hard work and dedication led her to a dream internship this past summer where she worked in the Division of Genetics at Brigham and Women as a Finance and Administrative intern. After a fulfilling senior summer with the perfect balance of 'work and play', Alicia returns to Durham ready to tackle her fourth and final year at UNH. 

Although she may sound like Superwoman, Alicia is a Wildcat just like you and I. Here are some of her favorites at UNH... 

HOCO or Philly? Philly 

Libby's or Scorps? Scorps all the way, baby

Homecoming or Cinco? Homecoming 

Dimond or Paul? Paul 

DHOP or Dominos? DHOP

Football games or hockey games? Tailgating... Oh, I mean football games!

Hut or Coffee Craving? Hut for the memories, Coffe Craving for the coffee 

Life as Panhellenic President... 

What does the title Panhellenic President entail? 

"The Panhellenic community is made up of 5 - soon to be 6 Panhellenic sororities, currently of 600 women, and will grow after recruitment. Here at UNH we make up a community of highly driven, motivated, and caring females. As Presiednt my role is to lead the council, which is made up of myself and 6 other VPs. As a council we create the structure of the Panhellenic community, facilitate formal recruitment, put on different programing events, take part in service events, and philanthropic efforts and act as the representation of Panhellenic sorority life on our campus for the community."

Do you feel joining Greek life has positively impacted your life at UNH?

"Joining Greek life has undoubtedly been one of the most positive decisions I've made at UNH. I have not only met my best friends, but also made amazing memories. At the same time I have grown as a woman and a leader in ways I don't think I could have in another organization." 

Do you have any words of wisdom for girls interested in going through formal recruitment? 

"Do you have even a slight interest in going through recruitment? If so, SIGN UP! It's one weekend of your life and you will either fall in love with a house and start an amazing journey or you will realize sorority life is not for you, but also you will meet some great people along the way! I know it sounds cheesy but when you're going through this process just be yourself! These women have waited all year to add more sisters to their sisterhood and are looking for unique and diverse women. Don't try and fit a "mold" you might have in your head. Just smile and be you. Enjoy this weekend because it could be one of the most special memories you have from college!" 

Take it from the President herself: If you have any interest in joining a sorority, sign up for recruitment today. Just remember all you have to do is smile and be you




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