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This past fall 2016, UNH welcomed Phi Sigma Sigma as a newly recognized sorority on campus. Over the past several years greek life has been expanding, so adding another sorority is great for UNH. Kelsey is very involved with growing this new organization and within several months Phi Sigma Sigma has made a huge impact on her life. 

The Basics 

Hometown: Plymouth, Massachusetts 

Grade: Sophomore 

Major: Dual Psychology & Justice Studies

Dream job: Forensic Psychologist

Involvement on campus: Alpha Phi Omega along with Phi Sigma Sigma

Her UNH Favorites 

Hoco or Philly? Hoco

Homecoming or Cinco? HOMECOMING!!!!

Dimond or Paul? Paul breakout rooms are the best

Paul DHOP, Dominos, or Papa Johns? Papa Johns

Football or Hockey? Hockey

Hut or Coffee Craving? Hut

How did Phi Sigma Sigma become a part of the University’s greek life?

“The Panhellenic Council voted to invite another sorority into its fold. Our Phi Sigma Sigma national headquarters saw the University of New Hampshire as a school where our new chapter could thrive. After consideration, the Panhellenic Council decided that Phi Sig would be the next Greek organization to join this campus.”

How many members are a part of the sorority?

“125, including three sisters who are abroad this semester.”

What interested you in joining Phi Sigma Sigma?

“I saw Phi Sigma Sigma as an opportunity to join an amazing community that is so much greater than just myself. Phi Sig was a blank slate that provided all of the new sisters the opportunity to create something great on this campus. It also offered many opportunities for leadership, even as a sophomore.”

 What are your roles and responsibilities for Phi Sigma Sigma?

“I am the Vice President. I am responsible for making sure all of the internal affairs of the sorority are running smoothly and efficiently. This includes philanthropy, fundraising, formals and so much more.”

If you were to describe Phi Sigma Sigma at UNH to a person interested in joining, what would you say?

“I would tell them that rushing is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Phi Sig has introduced me to so many people that I would never have had the opportunity to meet. I have met some of my best friends already, and I can’t wait to bring more into our amazing sisterhood. Sisterhood events from snow tubing to SkyZone allow us to bond and create a real sisterhood. We are planning many events to give back to the community with our philanthropy. We will be working with children who are not as fortunate as others in organizations near to our community in the coming semester. As we continue to grow, there is no limit to our chapter.”

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