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For those of us that are lucky enough to escape to warmer destinations for our spring break, we are not looking forward to returning to snow covered Durham anytime soon! But if the tease of warmer weather wasn’t enough, Target’s soon-to-be-released collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer will have you breaking out in a full-blown case of spring fever! 



Inspired by the legacy herself, this line celebrates the bold individuality that Lilly Pulitzer built her brand on; encouraging women everywhere to embrace color and fearlessness in every area of their lives. The collection features everything from apparel, shoes, and accessories, all the way to home goods and makeup; all of which are adorn in 15 different prints and patterns that encompass the vibrant resort chic style that we love!

And for those out to criticize the collection as degrading the brand’s name… let’s just remember that this successful designer label came to exist because of a little spilled juice. Lilly, herself, serving as a reminder that, “style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.” So let the countdown to Lilly (and spring) begin! And on April 19th get ready to embrace the Palm Beach state of mind!


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